Infos needed for Coco/Perlite grow and mix

Hello there can someone guide me on how to use coco + perlite.
Planning on growing photos in 5gallon buckets indoor .
So far i thought of using coco peat

And mix with perlite 4-8mm

What ratio should i mix the 2 with each other.

And can someone recommend me some videos or guides to growing in Coco/ perlite mix ?

What do i have to know ( feeding,watering …)

Thanks a lot :blush:

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Used the search function on here but found a lot of different preferences. Saw some people mixing coco with vermiculitee or perlite or even just using coco without mixing it.

Maybe it helps a bit i want to use this nutrients
images (48)
Something else which i would need for growing in Coco ?

Great choice of medium. I use a 70/30 ratio of coco and perlite. I would also recommend jacks 321 nutrients. With coco you feed daily to liberal run off :love_you_gesture:


check out cocoforcannabis and growweedeasy. both are excellent dependable resources.


Thank you so much to both of you.
What does it mean feet to liberal run off ?

When i doy coco coir and perlite mix i put about 20-30% perlite to a five gallon pot of coco that s what i do

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It means that coco needs to be kept moist: due to it’s airy nature, oxygen can easily get to the roots. Watering/feeding daily keeps the root mass wet without drowning it.

Coco/perlite is the most common though vermiculite is used to provide additional magnesium (IIRC) which coco tends to hold on to (sequester). Cal mag is necessary for this reason.

I also second the use of Jack’s as the most cost-effective, easiest nutrient line in use right now.

I strongly recommend the use of fabric pots as this pairs well with coco (see the reason above).

General advice: buy the best lights you can afford. The lights generally sold on Amazon (with a couple of exceptions) are nowhere near the best lights going. Unfortunately lights are expensive. Get good meters: a digital PH and TDS meter are the two most used tools in the growers’ toolkit.

Ask questions: there are not stupid ones and we do not tolerate abusive posts (like some other sites do).


So with coco i would give my plants every day water with jacks ?
Any idea how to get jacks in Thailand ? Do they send overseas ?

Lights would be

Can you receive Amazon deliveries? Coco and jacks are available there :love_you_gesture:

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I’m using exactly that. You feed daily with watering or just as a foliage spray every day? Started jacks yesterday


Soil or coco? Coco every day to run off, soil likes a wet to dry cycle and to run off on feed or water days. Your run off PPMs will let you know if nutrients or water are needed. I don’t folliar spray :love_you_gesture:


So i give jacks everyday when watering in Coco?

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Amazon send to here is pretty hard some products are okay but not many people uses Amazon here.
Coco is not a problem it’s good and cheap over here only to get jacks is the problem

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I’m using coco and the superb soil that comes in the pot for pot kit for my month old girl in a 2 gallon felt pot. The Seedling is coco with perlite, worm castings, and blood meal with a root booster 5 gallon felt pot.

Yes everyday, coco likes to be kept moist :love_you_gesture:


I would suggest triple rinsing any off brand or local coco due to the salt content before planting. Rinse several times with water checking the TDS :love_you_gesture:


I like the light setup. Now you got me thinking about getting a different light. Good luck on your grow. Looks like your thinking it through {another thing I should have done a little better}

Thanks for the advise but looks like this one should be fine pH and EC right ?

And when adding water to the brick pH the water before between
5.5 and 6.5 right ?

Found this feeding schedule and as i got General hydroponics nutrients already i might give it a try and adjust the feeding.


Good readings on the coco EC, I would check the EC anyway to be sure. You can reconstitute the coco with water then add nutrients or reconstitute using nutrients :love_you_gesture: