Information on Flowering

Over the last 6 months I’ve spent about 2grand on different breeds/strains of seeds from ILGM. And I gotta say Thankyou very much. Without ILGM’s packages none of this would be possible. None of these are for me. I’m growing to help a mates wife with cancer, which is helping her a lot, but costing her serious cash & have somehow managed to have a few other patients ask her about it, & I have offered to help but still stay anonymous, so to cover costs i am only asking for any donation they can afford, or not at all if they can’t afford it. Medical bills & lost time at work hits them hard in the pocket. I haven’t smoked for 30years as there is nothing wrong with me that the Harley can’t make go away.

Could someone point me in the right direction, or one of the staff advise from what time table Robert is going off when he says 8 to 9 weeks flower? Does that mean from 12/12 switch? Or from when I first see flowers forming? It’d be nice to get this down to a close enough harvest so I know when to start flushing. And to manage how many grows I can get in a year, and how much to grow for 8 people, Thanks. This gets sent to another state that a female then turns into oil for them for free as well.


Flower times is average time from the 12/12 flip plus a couple of weeks for transition in to flower. Keep on helping others. Bless you


Thanks man,
Helps a lot!


@Painfree is correct. I count flowering times once you see flowers begin to form


Thanks again, I’ve got it referenced now. While I’m here, the only other question about flowering I have is on the “buying certain strain seed info” that states roughly 3x3 feet of grow space (that’s me as well as around 4 foot in height) the rough estimate per plant = X amount ounces, (say 15 to 18 OZ’s). Does that mean the weight of yield as wet? Or dry? They are so close to harvest that it interests me on how is my growing going, and what can I change for better. So I guess I’m saying, in a long way, are the OZ’s estimated at wet or dry. Thanks again.

I would assume dry weight. The description literally just says “usable bud”. However, I feel that you should definately not count on grow times as advertised . Your plants may take longer or even less time . The yield based on grow space is a bit tricky too.

Got any pics ?

Thanks Blue, that helps heaps.
I guess i could’ve waited for roughly 5 days most, but it’s on my mind to see what yield I will get wet and correctly dry, as the last one I did for my mates missus was just seeds one of the boys gave me, and that turned into 15ounces = 7 viles for her only, that should last 4 months or more. But Roberts seeds are in a totally different ballpark as far as quality goes. I’ve never seen such resin in person before. I’ve got pix but it’s probably a good idea to keep them to myself. I’ve got 8 sick people relying on me now and I want to keep it low. Sorry man.

More power to ya my man. Would love to see the pics but hey what ever makes you feel better and get the medicine where it needs then. you gotta do what you gotta do .