Info on how to become self providing for seeds


So I would like to not have to keep buying seeds. Not sure just what sort of plants to buy to ensure that I will have a self produced seed supply. Any thoughts?


@ipsprez just dont get feminized seeds, then plant em and dont take out the males. Let em pollinate and then harvest seeds. Although in the long run, unless youre tryin to make a hybrid strain, its more economical to buy seeds


Learn how to clone… :wink:
It’s alot easier then you think… :wink:

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By cloning are you talking using cuttings for new plants?


@ipsprez exactly!! Keep a mother plant and take clones from here every few weeks


Seeds are so expensive, That was why I wanted to produce my own.


Can you clone from clones or do you have to maintain a mother plant indefinitely?


@ipsprez have you looked in the ILGM seed shop? They aren’t expensive considering what you get from them. Lets say 15 seeds for $99. 1 plant can give multiple ounces up to a pound!


@not sure about cloning clones… i think you need to keep a mother plant. @Donaldj knows more about this


I did buy from ILGM. I guess I never thought of the cost in reference to quantity produced. More like I am paying $8/seed. My background is vegetable gardening so was shocked at the price. But again, that is a pretty good deal when you think about it. THanks.


@ipsprez go back to the seed shop online and look at the seeds you have. Scroll down until you see the chart with green bars. Look at the indoor yield and outdoor yields. Some outdoor yields are up to 30oz per plant


You can clone a clone. There are clone only strains that are decades old.


@Bogleg is exactly right… I have a clone only strain that I’ve been growing for 9 years… :wink:
I have a ilgm ww and ssh that I’ve been cloning for 4 years now… :wink:

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Thanks, I will definitely give that a shot. I also have a ww regular that I am growing. First effort so we will see how that goes.


Thanks for the info @Bogleg


I have 5-6 mother plants on average but clones are easily taken from clones too for me it’s about keeping the strains


You can definitely take clones from clones. I’ve been doing it for years. I’ve been forced to use local dispensaries to buy my clones until I found this awesome website! Good luck and enjoy


I am new to cloning and I clone from clones as well. What do you mean by “keeping the strains” if you clone from a clone you lose the strain? How long do you keep your mother plants for? Is space not an issue? Do you keep them in veg indefinitely? Is it bad to clone from a clone? Trying to learn more about cloning.


If you can clone the top of the plant , that is going to be the closest sister to that strain… the lower that you take clones the more that genitic’s can change… this is my experience and I’m just sharing… :wink:
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The very tops of the plant give off certain types of hormones… which are the best gene’s for what we are doing… :wink:
Very healthy and hearty , but you have to keep them happy to benefit… :wink:

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