Info on growing autos

hi am thinking starting some auto is it the same as normal seeds what the plan with them and how long do they take and can you guy recomend some good yeilding autos what nuts to use and any other tips i have a spare room want to see what these are all about

Moby Dick xxl and amnesia haze xxl are two of the biggest yielders I know of. Amnesia goes into flower after week 4 and Moby Dick starts mid week three from the day it germinates. Get the brightest lights you can and do some low stress training because you are on the clock the minute they poke out. I personally am trying a hybrid NFT hydro system on some to get more veg time growth. The finish in about 80 days from start. However they are persnickety in the fact that if you over/under water or under over nutrient them they will stall and that costs you yield in the end.
There’s a steep learning curve and contrary to what is said out there I find that they MUST have a dark period in order for photosynthesis I run a 20 on 4 off but am considering moving one tent to 18/6 to see if I can get a little more.
If you are looking for a forgiving fast finisher look into photo period Dinafem critical +2.0
Ps. I use general hydroponics flora series. Micro, grow, bloom, floralicious plus.
If you are an organic freak look into Oregon’s best “nectar for the gods”. Not the biggest yielded but a great lineup.

ILGM autoflower strains, sorted by yield: