Info about LEC's (vs LED)

A question from a fellow grower:

I am looking to set up a grow room. What I wanted to do was to set up four different 4x4 scrogs using a total of 16 plants that I could grow at different stages to head towards more of a perpetual harvest. My intention was to use LED but after reading reviews online and then talking to lots of people I am not getting much good feedback on the LED’s. I have also looked into LEC’s but not a lot of good feedback on them either. Any recommendations?

Hi there, LEDS are good lights, you just can’t buy cheap ones.

WEll, I used cheapish leds, and got me like nine half gallon glass jars filled with white widow from eight plants, with 1800 watt equivalent, using I suppose bout 1200 watts(4x300 watt on each end of tent, with a 600 watter in middle of tent).

BUy these!

Low power usage. All you need to grow in each tent, from start to finish.

I have a 400w setup like this, and a 600 w setup with air cooled hood option. Best bang for the buck! Low power consumption, Etc, etc…

Cannot touch the output of these systems price wise, in comparison to LED. People who have big bucks to buy High Dollar LED setups are happy.

On the other side; Most of these “newer” school growers have not compared there success against HID lamps.

Go Digital HID, and you will be happy with the results.

p.s. Anyone with contrary opinion can post their side by sode comparison of LED ~vs~ HID, or; Not. Also; Keep in ind; This is not a competition, but a place to come together and provide accurate support to new growers in need.

Right Latewood , it’s all a matter of choice and what you can afford . Led run cooler , will out last a HID because you have to replace the bulbs , and HID produce strong light but yet heat also . Now there has been many comparisons , some brands of Led out perform smaller older versions of HID , but next to sunlight HID is best . Quality Led is costly , but has longevity , and you don’t have to switch bulbs from veg to flower , it’s a matter of a switch on the panel . It’s all a matter of choice . If you doing 4 tent , do 2 HID , and 2 LED and you will have a better out look on which is better and what you like best .

I think that most experts would tell you that if you can grow a gram per watt; You are getting excellent yield. I just got. 350 grams from 3 ww autos, under 1 400 watt IPower digital switchable lamp system. No heat issues; No big electric bill. I can but anything I want. I buy Digital lighting systems.

Just like Tim the Tool Man; More Power!!! V’rooom

I have 20 year old 1000 watt ballast that kick butt. Please do not make claims that HID ballast are inadequate due to the age of the ballast. I have 10+ systems. 9 HID; Both MH and HPS, plus 2 newer digital IPower systems. T5 systems, and a who;e bunch of T8’s and BYO clf setups.

I have friends all over the world that are Cannabis moderators. Some like LED, but most still find, and it is true. HID growa bigger buds. Not saying that LED does not work, but HID grows bigger buds.

So; All you new growers who are scared of heat and electirc bills. Don’t be scared to buy; Digital Switchable lamps, because they produce bigger buds. The heat issue is minimal; Electrical usage is minimal. I am so tired of this debate.

HID biggest buds inside.

LED cooler, less elctricity, but smaller yield.

CFL, and T5, T8: Ok to gorw from start to finish, but expect much smaller yields.

At 20 a gram. I have no isse with a 50 dollar a month electric bill increase, in order to produce a few hundred bucks more worth of high quality harvest.

Sorry for the rant. Iam very passionate about the years of investment and research I have put into this field.

I wish everyone a happy goodnight. Peace.lw

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He is right , HID is the next best thing to sunlight , that is a fact . I just never used them , I started with LED , but at the end of the day , it’s your choice for whatever reason you want to grow . If you want wieght , you can honestly do it both ways . It’s your money , and what you choose to buy !!!

I went with a 600w digital/switchable HID setup with air cooled hood and was surprised at how low the electric draw is. Not as low as LED mind you, but I could use the extra heat generated by it lol. We keep our home in the high 60’s here so that extra 5-10 degrees in the grow tent without needing to run a 1000-1500w space heater is a huge bonus for my personal setup and power bill :smiley:

Great point Yoshi. As you know I generally advise new growers about making choices.

I am not saying I wouldn’t use LED, but I don’t think I would ever be able to afford to set up an LED system that would cover my needs.

Glad that we, here at ILGM can have a discussion about different options in growing without getting into juvenile fights; Wasting everyone’s time and energy.

Thanks, lw

I truly support this network , and the staff no question . I’ve seen a comparison grow with HID & LED . It took 2 Very expensive LED to produce what one HID produced . In my defense , if growers have small grow set-ups , on average you can yield 2-4 ounces real easy without the challenges that comes with creating the right habitat to grow with LED , but if you used HID you need a decent square footage or the heat will become an issue . But HID is the cheapest dollar for dollar and it will produce twice the wieght a LED would produce . You guys are very knowledgable , and if most will consider that it’s been years of growing to know the details you guys help many with from just support tickets . I struggle ah little when I first tried the Lucas formula , because it’s been a very long time since school , but in all respect , it has been very consistent and the response from a grow is amazing when you keep it that simple . My next obstacle will be hydro , and I hope I can get it figured out without many mistakes , just for the experience , than I can focus on one plant scrog , instead of 2 plants fighting for space . I’m sure you guys will be available and I’m looking forward to it , but also nervous .

Thanks. Well I can tell you that I will be here unless I die, or Robert runs me off.

You like simple? Look into Dutch “Bato” buckets. I am going to do a grow with a couple OGK’s, and I can show you how to set up a reservoir, with a small pump to water them…


p.s. My right hip is out! I feel like I am walking around with a knife sticking out my ASS. LOL

It all depends on the lights and how you use them. LEDs can easily match, or even out preform – HID yields, if used correctly.


Thank you MacG , I now have to research Apache tech lights , never heard of them .

If you notice, his home made lights do as good, or better than the Apache. I keep telling everyone the big expensive lights are not necessarily the best, you can get or make really good LED lights for super cheap if you know what you are doing.


I just started with the Sun System 315W LEC. Much better than my cheap Mars Hydro II 900W LED.
For the price and output the LEC is hard to beat.

Actually I could build a light that preforms as well as the LEC but with LEDs that would cost less than the Mars Hydro, lol. But like I said, you have to know what you are doing.


I’m bout to do my homework , because I’m fascinated with the Apache Tech . If my engineering senses don’t prevail , I’ll have to cough up the $2500 !!!

Now what’s a LEC light ? Let Google and see what option is this ?