Infestation of aphids this outdoor grow

Anyone having aphid infestation this year? image

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I have seen a couple posts about them.
Its a pretty common garden pest no matter what you are growing.
Are you looking for solutions?

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Try Tamar Tech organic veg oil concentrate dilute in water and mist every. 3 to 4 days till their gone. Very good product used widely in the cherry tomato and bell pepper agriculture with great reresults.

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Do you have ants farming then?

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Thank you. I found a way I’m trying today.

Ants are marching. They love aphid poop which is sweet.

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More than any time in the past this aphid infestation is everywhere.

Use diatomaceous earth to stop the ants trails.

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I sprayed Neem oil twice on soil and inside stalk and branches, away from flowers. It seems to have stopped any ants on plant now.

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Ants are enemies now…

This helps very much.
Of course veg plants get neem.
I even neem 3-4 weeks in.

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Here is another inexpensive option to kill the aphids if the tomato leaf mix doesn’t kill them on contact or shortly there after.
Key ingredient is potassium of salt fatty acids in the soap you use.
If you have Bronners (body care) liquid soap it has the correct ingredients (potassium of salt fatty acids) that is what does the damage to them.
Castile soap or any soap with potassium of salt fatty acids will work.

2% spray 9.5ml per quart
3% spray 14.5ml/qt
4% spray 19ml/qt

You can add other ingredients to the mix but this by itself kills a lot of little insects like aphids and spider mites etc…is also supposed to control and kill WPM but I haven’t had that issue to find out. It melts the mites on contact or shortly there after. Never used it on aphids but from what I’ve read it is supposed to.

Get rid of the aphids removes the reason the ants are there and they will leave. The aphids are doing the damage so they are the deal the ants are the sign too look for telling you the aphids are there.
Link to more info for your reading pleasure

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I used this till my tomato spray is ready
It works. But at 6.49 it’ll be expensive. I ran out after only 1/4 of plants sprayed.
The aphids died and are tuning brown and falling off.

Thanks. All information is appreciated.

Thanks. Good remedy.

I was going to hang this picture up to get rid of the ants by intimidation.


It is the potassium salts in the soap that does the killing. If you buy concentrated soap as mentioned above it will last a long time and is way less $$
I generally avoid buying pre diluted products for those very reasons.
Hope the tomato leaf soak works.
I gleaned from the article that it doesn’t kill on contact like the soap with potassium salts and will kill over time and leaves a bad taste in their mouth hoping they choose another plant but if your growing inside not many choices for them.
If you do have the correct soap you may want to add some to your spray mix too.

Good luck

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Thanks for the tip.
The tomato spray with the garlic will give an Italian bouquet to the ladies. Meraviglioso!

Four cups of chopped tomato leaf, four garlic cloves, four drops Dawn, steeped for 24 hrs. worked. Turns aphid orange after they die. They are falling off to the touch. Sprayed in the morning. Used eight cups, brewing eight more…yes nature.