Inferred themometers and how to use them

who can explain how you use an indeed thermometer gun. How do you use as in where should you check the temp which area on the plant at the base of the plant or the top leaves.and record the surface temp. All help welcome. Its not my first grow but it is my first inferred thermometer gun.

Point it where you want to read the temperature and pull the trigger. If you want to know leaf temp then that’s where you measure, and so on.

They don’t read shiny metallic surfaces like bare aluminum well though.

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Thanks and i was told its better if i got one of them to check my temp in case there’s an issue or something with a plain digital thermometer. My temps were steady but think 24 to 26 is maybe OK but 27 to 29 i will be happy at 27 celcius 27.1.

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