Indoor WWA, topped at 5 nodes


now just a weekend shy of 12 weeks from seed

getting fat


Looking Plump! :eyes::heart_eyes:


@FNG101v2 I posted these pics because someone questioned topping autos. topped and LST is giving me a plant full of buds


I top my autos as a matter of fact I did an experiment. I didn’t top 1 and only topped the other 1 time and then had a plant I went fim and top crazy on. All were wwa aND I got a noticabe difference in yeild like 2 Oz more off the plant I went crazy on


@Sirsmokes fun stuff


Looks beautiful!!!


thanks @Not2L82Lrn


waa 13 weeks from seed


here’s my wwa runt


my plants are in 5gal cloth bags, they get rotated 1/4 turn whenever the urge strikes. good thing is I can see a different view

LST ONE stem


not so steady


14 week from seed


Looking amazing!


15 weeks from seed


Holy crap man they look absolutely amazing! They fattened right up!


@FNG101v2 they have.


It looks like it’s going to be an amazing smoke!


@FNG101v2 the wwa’s have not let me down. tried germinating granddaddy purple. totally busted on that. I have some ww fem that have sprouted. hopefully that goes well


I’m on Cheese Auto right now for my first grow. Might have to check out the WW after.


What size tent and how many you growing at a time? LST? Cropping?