Indoor Ww storage tote foxfarm oc

Hello I am new to this and plant seem over watered I am using Robert grow booster. Yellow leaves some spots

Any suggestions I am not sure on how to diagnose. Ph Iā€™d 6.2 with grow booster. Storage tote is 27 gallons I am using cfls

Water with some H2O2 and it will come back

Maybe hold off on that booster also

She is looking good. Thanks everyone for all the input and advice. Transplant into 5 gallon smart pot, foxfarm oceanforest soil, ph 6.5, runoff 6.6, held off of grow booster fir awhile. Gave her plain water a d molasses yesterday

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What is the molasses for?

Molasses should not be added to your soil grow unless you want to invite all kinds of pests. Especially Mites, and fruit flies. Does practically nothing for you in Cooking Molasses form.

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