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Help with lights and watering

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We’re gonna need more info than that my friend. What do you need help with exactly? What type of lights to buy? How to water correctly?

I have three white widows auto yes I was wondering on the lights right now I have them under small lights they seem to be doing pretty good I’m on the third leave starting to pop out now they are curling on the end a little bit I don’t know what that is just need to know how far away from the plant you have to have the lights I will be switching to either the LED 4 foot light I have are 600 W I’m not sure when I should put them under them lights and I’m not sure when I should re-pot themAnd how big of pods I should transplant them into Knox I am in small containers now

And can you make sure that I am watering them correctly right now in the small containers I’m just spraying them with my sprayer once in the morning and once at night seems to be all right they’re growing do you have any other advice please let me know

I have one golden leave along with the white Thinking of putting out one outside not sure though I do have a set up in my basement with a tent or just leaving it open

Hi I’m a new grower but have grown my Autos all outside some in containers and a few transplanted in the ground. As for watering, you may hear to water the soil around the plant and avoid the staying the leaves. Do you have pictures you can post? Before people can help try give as much specifics as possible. Especially pictures. Welcome to the gr. Your in the right place :+1::smiley:

For lighting I suggest you get a luxmeter.

Dr.Meter 1330B-V Digital Illuminance/Light Meter, 0 - 200,000 Lux Luxmeter Dr.Meter 1330B-V Digital Illuminance/Light Meter, 0 - 200,000 Lux Luxmeter: Home Improvement

Max Lighting in stages

As far as distance to keep your lights. My goal is to keep my tents under 85F and less than 60% RH.

During flower I crank up my lights as much as I can while keeping tents under 85F. I run my plants at night so it will be as cool as possible.
As far as height of my light I use the luxmeter to take readings over the top of the canopy and raise my light to an area where I get the highest lux readings from over the tops and as far out to the sides of the tent as possible.

I’m using Mars Hydro TS-3000W in a 4x4 tent. I cannot reach the max lux numbers for flower without raising the heat in the tent above my threshold of 85F.

I believe the chart is for photos and autos may be less.

3 spritzes twice a day for the 1st week then saturate them on about a 4-5 day schedule , they should be in 5 gallon fabric pots but you can get away with 3 gallon especially for your 1st grow , 1/2 gallon of water should get you to saturation for 5 gallons,I start my lights at 32 inches at 30-40% but mine are very good hlg 300s so be careful but if you have a par map start at 300 Par and see how they react. Don’t use lux it’s not a accurate measurement for growth especially with good diodes.

So you’re saying I need to get them into 5 gallon containers now they are just getting starting our third leave they’re only about 2 inches high maybe three at the most and I do have a 10 should I put them in tents right now I have them in the cabinet

And when I put them in the tent should I put the LED light in there or my 600

No my auto widows are going in the six week when do I start feeding him the bud booster I know I keep them on 18 on and six off for the entire time

When will I start noticing them biting and will it hurt my golden leave pan plant if I have a man with the white widows