Indoor transition

I need some expert advice, now that we will be transitioning from summer to fall I see the need for some indoor schooling, I am looking to get a small tent and light and whatever else is needed where should I focus my purchasing such equipment for the best results and should I do auto flower or what, remember im a beginner on the indoor grow


I’m new to growing so I went with autos not sure why though I just read they are better for new growers due to they automatically go into flowering and can be a lot faster to flower. There is a lot of great growers here to help you out a lot is already written too @TheVirginian @Graysin can you guys help/tag some people?


Thanks for the tag @iDontKnowGrow

I’m a new grower too but I’m exclusively indoor growing. I have gone through a lot of trials and tribulations since July. I suggest a couple of things

1: an AC infinity tent - they’re less expensive than a Gorilla tent and amazing quality.

2: a vent fan larger than you think you’ll need. If you’re going for a 4x2-4x4, get a 6”. If you’re doing smaller, I’d still get a 6” but 4” works okay too.

3: don’t cheap out on the lights. You can be cheap in a lot of places, but not the LEDs. They are your replacement sun. Bad quality sun = bad quality plants. (Side note: I highly recommend HLG lights or KingBrite lights if you’re willing to brave Alibaba)

As far as Autos vs Photos - I have both and I like it that way. My autos decide when it’s time to flower so I don’t have to. That means I can flip my photoperiods to 12/12 and initiate the flower cycle for the photos. Otherwise I’d let the photos veg way too long. My autos don’t do much In terms of producing just yet, but I know that’s a beginners mistake and not any flaw of the autos IMO.

Other folks who can help maybe @Underthestairs @Jaydawg6528 @Hellraiser @nodurxshn @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 ?


You want your main focus on lighting hands down then also make sure what ever size tent you plan to grow in is tall enough once you get a light and filter in there you lose hight quick and it can definitely get rough during the stretch phase it can get cramped real fast if you don’t control your plants id still recommend photos if thats what you know and have been growing atleast get a grow in before making up your mind impo


I feel like people should stay away from autos in the beginning. Photo plants can be more forgiving, if mistakes are made it just slows then down but you can veg longer and still get the size you want vs the uncontrollable auto.

The light drives the whole system and it’s where the majority of the investment should be made. Quality light = quality bud.

Figure out how much canopy you want to have, set your budget, let us know. Plenty of experience around here to get you set in the right direction.


Welcome to the group and thank you @Graysin for tagging me. I’m only on my second grow but I do a lot of reading and research and get amazing help from the people on here. Lights lights lights first and foremost without a good light you will be wasting valuable bud quality and quantity if your going to continue with just the tent indoors get a light that will cover and then some of your square footage before you buy one research it with the seller and other sources read reviews everyone is going to tell you what they use or have used that doesn’t mean it’s good . I have not grown any autos but they are not faster you can choose when to flower a photo you don’t get a choice with an auto. And there are a lot of things you can’t do with an auto(no topping, has to be planted in it home bucket,and some other things. Plus what if your having some deficiency issues and it goes into flower. With an auto you can keep it in veg forever if you wanted. Im in my second grow and right. Now I have plants that expert growers strive for


Lighting. Lighting. Lighting.


Iv read to start autos in there forever home to avoid stunting I didn’t know you have to though. I started my autos in solo cups, should I hurry and put them in there forever homes, and why exactly can’t you top or fim autos?

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You can top/fim autos. They just don’t recommend it because they are on a time line and some say the risk and time stalled out isn’t worth the reward if another main cola


There are guidelines and things that might be recommended but there are no absolute laws

I fimmed my auto and started it in a solo cup

It might have been stunted by this (or it might have been a mutant runt from the get go)

It did turn out smallish but could’ve been anything that did that, really…

My point is that you can grow autos and even abuse them a little and get away with it


Probably yes. As long as the root structure isn’t developed so far that it’s rubbing against the cups, they probably won’t know the difference when you put them into their forever homes. Just don’t disturb the roots when you move em.

You can, but if you do, do it early (the first 3-5 nodes I believe) because you can’t control when they’re going to go into flower. Any later than the 20-25 day marker and you’re risking that she’ll be going into preflower and unable to fully recover from the top. I’m less worried about a FIM but only based on my own experience, not for any real scientific reason. All my autos loved the FIM. @Nicky is an auto guy who has way more growing under his belt - maybe can do a better job articulating what you can and can’t do to an auto.

I’m a firm believer that I’m growing a couple mutant runts of my own right now. Very excited to see what BS they produce for me. :joy:

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I gotta say for a runt mine does not look too shabby
Will post pictures when I get my shite together this morning

Tired head :sleeping:



Hello your ladies look very happy. I have been reading along here for about 3 weeks now and I am so happy and glad I found this forum. You can trust a lot of the advice you will get or someone will tag a person who will have an answer. There is just so many years of experience here giving so freely, that if you have the right equipment and let the experts help. You have n one to blame but yourself.
On the question of autos vs photos @dbrn32 he prefers photos for the reason of control when they go into flower. They are also more forgiven and like being trained is what I have read on here. Check out @CalamityJane she is in the trading of her grow now. Good luck and happy growing.


Yeah I fell for the “Autos are great for beginners” line and my tall one is an auto

I can’t say if they’re easier or harder but that ticking clock aspect of them definitely sux