Indoor to outdoor growing


I am raising seedlings under fluros 20/4 but want to move them outside ( southern hemisphere) . They are fem and photoperiod. Will the go into flower? or will they grow as normal,


If they are regular photo period flowering, then, yes, if they get about 10 hours or more of complete darkness, they will start to flower. This is why most people use 12/12 indoors to induce flowering, but many strains will flower with as little as 10 hours darkness.

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Steve says:

Thanks for the info. Can I reduce 20/4 slowly down to what we are getting naturally ~ 14/10 outside without it flowering? Has this been done successfully by anyone??


Not likely, both the fact that the day is shortening each day as well as the total length of the dark period affects the plant’s internal mechanisms or hormone balances and can contribute to inducing flowering. If the plant will actually flower with 10 hours of darkness, or if it would need a longer period to induce flowering may very well depend on the actual strain’s heritage.

However, you can delay flowering by lengthening the daylight it gets outside by adding artificial lights to one or both sides of the natural light cycle. Say – add a couple of extra hours of light with HID or florescent spot lights in the evening, or bring them back inside in the evening.

And keeping a reliable consistent schedule is the key to keeping the plant healthy and avoiding unwanted results such as potential hermaphroditism or bizarre branching and or bud development.

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