Indoor to Outdoor and Photo Period Change

Michigan usually turns on a dime. Nothing certain here.

Right on!
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Watching Colorado…crazy weather!

Good morning!
Thank goodness the rain and clouds are gone!
Here in Allegan County…I am growing outdoors.
My plants are doing great! I have been diligent in tenting to keep buds dry.
I have colas up top and lesser developed buds lower. Two varieties that are ripening at different times.
So…I will have several harvests.
Question…I have one basement room 12 x 12 to dry in…hanging stems…
I will be introducing newly harvested stems into a room with previously harvested stems…
Can that be a problem?
Thank you!

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No issues at all. Just don’t get them mixed up when it comes to jarring. :crazy_face:

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Thanks again.
I guess I should have stated that I am concerned about humidity issues. One harvest almost dry…and second harvest is fresh…
Will it humidify first harvest?
Am I being over scientific?
Trolls do that ya know!

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If you have a dehumidifier controlling humidity, it’ll buffer out the differences.
But I do see what you’re suggesting could happen. RH would be the main factor.

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Thank you!
Yes… i gave obtained a humidifier and will watch things closely.
Do you think any of these are ripe to harvest?
Thank you!

Without checking trichomes, they look good.