Indoor tent grow

The last couples of days I’ve noticed 1 or 2 tiny gnat looking bugs .What to do ?

Yellow sticky traps for adults. Also purchase mosquito bits. Soak a capful in a gallon of water for 24 yours. Strain and use the water on your plants. Do the same for any houseplants you might have.


Captain Jack’s Deadbug is a grower’s best friend. I use nematodes in my soil builds and mosquito bits in my water.

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Make sure you are letting your soil dry between watering. Constantly damp soil is where they breed.


Thank you so much for the advice ordering now.Just wanna make sure I keep the GIRLS HAPPY!!! AND IT SAFE TO USE WHILE PLANTA ARE STARTING TO FLOWER?

welcome to the I hate gnats club, all the advice below works perfect. I had the same issue. mosquito bit and yellow sticky traps work. get them fast because they reproduce fast and get more annoying


Yes. Mosquito bits are actually a bacteria. Will not harm your plant.

Good luck! I hate those things!


Use neem oil right away. I delayed in getting it , had a infestation of fungus gnats. Took me over a month,a half to exraditcate them

If I use a table spoon let soak for 24 hours ?package said 3 tablespoons for 30mins what do u think will work best

I would follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. I do 24 hours because it is easier for my schedule.

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