Indoor/tent 4x4 problems

Having some issues on 2nd indoor run with same soil (foxfarm ocean forest).

Please help! Soil has been amended with gaia green organic nutrients. Week 5 veg. Lights on temp is 78° f and 58% humidity. Lights off 70° f 60% humidity. Using filtered water ph to 6.3.

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Leaves come and go, particularly the lower leaves… How about pics of the whole plant? Do you know your runoff pH and PPM?

Whole plant pic

Overall plant doesn’t look that bad. She does look hungry. Again, do you know your runoff pH and PPM?

I typically don’t water to get any run off.

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:point_up_2: what’s your intent, organic or use salt based fertilizer/nutrients? Organic would be maintaining a damp consistency with the soil with top dressing organic amendments for nutrients. Salt based fertilizer requires routine run off testing of PH and PPMs to maintain a healthy nutrient rich medium. What medium and age of the plant? I see you’re top dressing Gaja nutrients, how often and when compared to the plant showing this issue :love_you_gesture:

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The plant just started week 5 of veg. I just transplanted from 1 gallon to 5 gallon pots with freshly amended soil using gaia green 4-4-4 all purpose and worm castings. I usually water every other day to keep soil moist. I also use recharge a couple times a week.

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