🐉 Indoor RDWC grow adventures HLG Jacks 321

I’ll search the site and find your journals so I can check things out.
I’ve got a bit yet before I’ll be pressing to get it started but it’s coming. Chasing the Ph around in soil is getting mighty old!
Thanks for the info!



Absolutely beautiful! You’ve got a very nice jungle growin on! Keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


The girls are looking AWESOME dude!
Just incredible compared to my bleached out hags!
The BCP is not as bad as the Green Gelato and the non-clonable Cookies just looks like a plant nearing her end. Either she got the best of the soil, isn’t as effected by Ph as the others, or the Rain Science bag is that much better, just not sure which!
She is 2-3 weeks, I think 2, behind the other two but the Ph issues have been building longer than that so I’m just not sure which it is.
At any rate, doesn’t matter, the only soil growing I’ll be doing going forward will be outdoors the way I feel about it now.
My plan is 2 buckets in the 2x4 and 3 in the 4x4. I can access three sides of the tent but not super-comfortably and just having 3 in there will give me more room to spread them out a little.
I’ve debated on doing just a single bucket in the 2x4 and adjusting my SCRoG frame to fit over it about 6" above and just spreading the single plant across the entire footprint of the tent and veg an extra week or two. With the growth rate of the hydro it wouldn’t be a problem and even if I did 2 buckets I could still mount the frame and keep them flat and spread out but have a quicker veg and overall turn around time.

Dude - that’s a 4" net pot? looking at that stump it must be 2" in diameter itself! Wild!!
Especially when I know where they started at! Just blows my mind!
I’m tempted to drop the cloner in the 2x4 when I yank these and seeing if I can get anything from the cuts I’ve had in the fridge for the last couple of weeks. I looked at the freezer bag the other day and they still look as fresh as the night I cut them. I did bag and refrigerate them immediately after cutting so they might have a chance of making it. I do have a really good fridge…
I also discovered in my research that that plan with the cloner would fall under the heading of Aeroponics and is a legitimate way to grow. Obviously it’s tougher than hydroponics as the roots aren’t completely submerged so you really have to keep an eye on the pump. I’m still gonna try it at some point.
If I do that and get some roots I’ll take the excess and drop them into the 1g bags I have and drop them on the porch or squeeze them around the cloner in the tent for a quick SoG grow.
The skunk SoG was my best grow so far. Probably because it’s so fast the Ph doesn’t have time to drift so far out of whack! LOL!
I could probably build an undercurrent system using those totes and fill the 4x4 up with them and just a couple of buckets in the 2x4 for mothers and clone propagation.
There’s almost to many options to consider! LOL!

I just gotta take the time and figure it out.

I appreciate all the help man!

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They grew up lol


Thats crazy dude! In-friggin-sane!

I gotta get me one of these systems together!

Is your chiller in your res? How does that work? I guess I can look above and check it all out! LOL!
Gotta go back to the beginning!
I assume as you fill you’re basically filling the entire system at the same time? Since it’s all connected at the bottom it should slowly level out I assume.
I did watch one short vid this morning and basically the dude showed how to set up a single in-line bucket. And just the bottom! He didn’t even get into the top of the container at all! It was very thorough as you can tell! LOL! Didn’t help I was tasting some good ol’ GDP at the time either! LOL!

Would you use the larger buckets in a 2 bucket set-up in a 2x4 or the smaller ones?
Of course doing photos I can decided when to flip the plant so that might not be an issue.
Does seem like a 5 pack would cover both tents for my purposes at least. Of course I’d have to buy a res separately.
Probably cheaper to buy 5 of the same size vrs 2 different sizes too! LOL!

It really is kinda common sense when you really start to look at the system and how it’s supposed to work.
I guess undercurrent would be cheaper too since you don’t have the extra pipes and fittings to worry with, but does waterfall improve growth or yield significantly is the question.
I could probably use the waterfall pump I have in the cloner and get a smaller one for it. It’s either 650 or 850GPH. I think 650, which is a lot in that cloner! LOL!

I guess I need to decide and get started collecting the pieces.

I’m just itching to spend some more money on growing weed! LOL!


Got some trimming and maintenance done today, didn’t realize both plants needed to be pulled back up right both were leaning lol

@Tylersays res has pump in it, or you could run an inline pump. Pump pushes water through chiller sitting next to res, out the chiller goes to furthest bucket, once system fills gravity keeps it all level… As long as you don’t get a clog… Lol

Let me know if you want I’ll send you a video on ig

I would prefer the 13 gallon buckets just from learning, the buckets are taller, which means more room for more water which means I could leave it longer lol… The 8 gallons are ideal for space so if you want the few inches in room or few inches for water?

The plants get so big so quick I’m not sure I would see the benefit of running a whole bunch of plants to flip earlier vs doing 1 plant per 2x2/3x3 area, it’s amazing how fast one plant can fill up a2x2 spot on this system…

Imo the water fall might add some air but your mainly adding air via air stone per bucket/plant so why sienna the extra money and hassle splitting water to each bucket was my thought process…

There is a water fall in my system in the res but I did this to keep the water level in the buckets the same no matter how low my res gets…


Amazing man

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Well, maybe I’m just tired and not thinking it through, but that statement blew my mind! LOL!
How does that work? LOL!
I just finished watering and cleaning up the garage for a water delivery tomorrow. finally got the vent systems hooked up and actually got the car in the garage for the first time in weeks! LOL!
It’s a tight squeeze! LOL!

My experience with hydrology involves site drainage and making rainwater flow where you want it. LOL!
But I’m assuming you have a second pump in the system to create the waterfall at the end, like a forced sewer main?
My head hurts too much to think about it now! LOL!

I don’t even think I’m gonna post my update till tomorrow morning! LOL!

Yeah dude - I’ll take all the vids and info you have! LOL!

Slowly getting it together! LOL!

Thanks again bro!!
Hope all is well!


Remember I have the hump in the pvp after the last bucket on the flow back to the res, so the water has to be this high before it can exit the plant buckets, so it keeps my water height the same as long as I don’t over fill the system entirely


Well the girls had a rough weekend it looks like lol

There was some water in the bottom of my tent, not much but enough to get a towel pretty wet, still not entirely sure where the water leak is/was no leak since I dried it

Lol like some mold started to grow.

I quickly made a peroxide water mix and sprayed it down, removed any extra hydroton and got the area covered from light

pH and EC are good but the plants are yellowing and consuming some leaves.

The bcp has started to amber

Need to go get more trimming and check on the roots

Happy growing everyone!


Good catch on the mold. Girls are looking good

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Dude - you look like you got a shit-ton of buds stacking up in that closet!! I bet it smells great!! As strong as the y look to be growing I wouldn’t be surprised if those buds completely cover the stems on those taller ones!
Magnificent looking buds man!! The whole tent looks spectacular!
Yeah - you could get in there and give it a serious defol but you already know that! LOL!
I’m just super-happy those raggedy-assed clones gave you what looks to be a pretty good harvest. :smile:
They’re all looking pretty frosty too man!

Of course when I cut the girls I took a couple samples of each and so far the Green Gelato has been pretty good for a quick taste sample at least. I really wish a Cookies had taken so you could have one of those too - it’s got a great taste and a pretty good effect too! It’s a real close race really. My sample of BCP was tainted by other smoke by the time I tried it and the smaller of the 3 but it’s got a pretty sweet kinda candy taste to me. I’ll have to take another sample for first taste of the day smoking to really judge the buzz.

See dude - I’m about to tell you the reason I like smoking weed. Because it slightly slows down this ever-wandering mind! LOL!
This week I’m on a 2 bucket DWC in the 2x4 and the pipe trough thing for the 4x4 for clone runs. LOL!
Perhaps if I had the larger 2x4 like you had - you know what I mean - I could see setting up a RDWC. But for just 2 plants the DWC would just be so simple and cheap! Especially if I just used 5g buckets from Lowes.
With the pipe system I could grow in rockwool cubes and run it like a flood system where the pump shuts on and off or I could run it like RDWC with a constant flood and net pots with hydroton.
You could even drop a air line and small airstone at the inlet end of each pipe to assist the main pump in the res. I don’t think it’d be necessary but it couldn’t hurt. And tubing and grommets are cheap!
They’d only have to be in there for a week, 2 MAX, before flipping to flower.

I’ve made my final decision about 50 times over the last 2 weeks! LOL!

One of my concerns is the kitties and the res. Oh - and Camille will be gifting me soon with more mouths to feed.
She will be getting surgery as soon as they start eating solid food! LOL!
And she better give me a damn boy or two!! :rofl:

Keep up the good work man!!
I’m cheering for you!!


Hope all is well brother!
Stay cool!


Just been busy, haven’t done anything to the girls besides at water and nuets.

They look like they are fox tailing or bulking up. They are still getting more yellow slowly. I really need to get in there and trim them up.

Wish they were not so yellow, but for as little effort as I have put in and no water changes, I’m not sure I can/should complain lol


Glad all is well!

girls are looking great!
Yeah - apparently neither of these are “starter” strains as they seem a little persnickety on their diet. I have massive yellowing on my clones too! LOL!
As well as the moms.
They’ll be done in the next few days so the yellow won’t be bothering me much longer! :laughing:

All my girls are right at the end. I’ve already pulled the XXX yesterday at lights on and there are a couple others I should probably take now. I’ll be checking trichs again in a bit here to see where I stand.
Undoubtedly the worst part of growing.
Why can’t it have one of those pop-up indicators like a frozen turkey?

:laughing: :joy: :rofl:

Hope you’re scoping your ladies too - they’re looking like they’re moving into the window…

Definitely gonna re-veg the Member Berry. Such a pungent aroma must me multiplied by about 2 pounds! LOL! I might be able to spend all of next year doing clone runs of that plant she smells so good.
I’ll know if a few weeks if she smokes as good as she smells!

Dude - not gonna go into details ATM but been a rough weekend here.
Life just throwing me curve balls and things to overcome.I’ll be stronger out the other side albeit a little sadder.

Keep on gettin’ it man!!


This is the million dollar idea. Shoot I’m forgetting who was the inventor here but damn. Someone get on this!


That would be @Turbonelson n @CoyoteCody the talents eith the brains lol


Found more mold when trimming today, I just cut it all off and threw it away :sob:


Dude that sucks!
Is your humidity running high or maybe more fans are needed? Either way it bites.
My humidity was raging in the tent in the garage so I wouldn’t be surprised to find some there as I sort these branches later today - I cut everything last night BTW.
My front bathroom - the only room in here I can keep close to drying parameters - smells so much like lemons now I don’t think I’ll have to clean it for another month!

:laughing: :joy: :rofl: