🐉 Indoor RDWC grow adventures HLG Jacks 321

I agree with Ty gonna b a great grow


@Tylersays I can’t imagine having to water as many plants as you do lol

Yeah the bcp has been showing signs of flowers for a bit the gelato is just getting going, the two little clones are moving along.

These plants I’ve been able to smell the entire time since the were about 12 inches, the smell is just getting stronger lol

It seems 3 zip ties is not enough to secure them when they get this big. The plants are starting to run into each other. I need to get in there and do another round of heavy trimming

I just keep mixing up 5 gallons of water every couple days, I need to get in there and do a root check/management.

I moved the light up… Again lol gelato stretching fast

I’m running my light 8am-8pm so my evening/night trimming can’t happen anymore lol and when I wake up in the morning I have to wait for the light to come on… That’s my biggest issue with photos, less time during the day to work on them

Heck yeah I’m happy with these ladies, thanks again by the way, I wouldn’t have started this new journey without your help!


I’m trying like hell to get an update ready! LOL!
I did get everybody fed in the 'Dome last night, but alas - no trimming!
If my damn relatives would stop getting married I might have some time! LOL! And got another one this weekend! Which means I’ve got like 2 days to do some clothes shopping - I can’t wear the same thing I wore 2 weeks ago! LOL! So hopefully I’ll get back there tonight to get the other 4 ladies straight. :crossed_fingers:

I’ve played my lights against my real life schedule since the first grow so the 2x4 in flower comes on at 11am and shuts off at 12am and heat issues made me shift the Thunderdome to a night-light schedule so it runs from 8pm til 9am. They way things are around here I know during actual daytime I have very limited time to do anything with them so I have to have the lights on at night just so I CAN get something done in there. They rarely, if ever, see the actual sun so they don’t know any better.
Love them to death, but they’re easily fooled! :rofl:
The outside girls are gonna take what little time I do have during the day but luckily they’re on a wham-bam-thank-you-maam kinda schedule. I want them to do well and produce, but I won’t be all heartbroken if they crash and burn. LOL!
In fact, I took my 2 run off buckets from last night and watered two of them just minutes ago. PPMs were right at 2000 on the Apera 700 scale and of course I adjusted Ph back down although I probably could have rolled with it at 7.0. I really believe you can push outside girls harder due to the environment. It’s generally harsher outside than inside so they can take it.
The GSCE is getting Jacks mixed for her as is the Citradelic Sunset - who’s a slooowwww grower for an auto! LOL!
The XXX and CrescendO clones are gonna get abused. LOL! I’ve got 3 Dark Phoenix cuts I can replace them with if needed. LOL! Otherwise I’ll move them into a home of their own shortly.
And that’ll be enough out there this summer. LOL!

Heat is becoming a bigger issue than I anticipated out in the garage and forced me to order a portable AC unit. It should be here early next week. Not exactly sure how I’ll get it in there but it’s gotta get in there or I run the risk of just turning the entire crop into something near the consistency of a potato chip! LOL!
I’m running mid 70s with the lights out!! Not cool - LITERALLY! If I don’t go open a flap at lights on it climbs to the upper 80s/low 90s within minutes! I still see a couple stretching but I think it’s winding down finally so they can start stacking.

Those girls are so impressive in that RDWC system. It’s just incredible knowing where they started at. Super impressed with what you’ve done with them. I can’t wait to see them stack up and fill in with glorious buds - and you’re gonna have them from the looks of it! Even the clones of the clones are impressive! Just super growing going on right there.
I’m still debating how I’m gonna proceed after this grow. I might take a small break in the garage until it starts to cool down some, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be starting something in the 2x4 immediately after these girls finish up. I’ve got some crazy ideas but most involve a fair bit of labour so I’m just not sure! LOL!
As far as the net pots go can you get bigger ones that might hold the plants better? That is a huge plant coming out of that tiny little pot! I can imagine what your roots look like! Although I guess that brings uop the question of if they have a bigger pot will they get even bigger? Like a lone fish in a tank? LOL!
Not that you need a much larger plant anyway! :laughing:
I just can’t get over the size of that Gelato! LOL!
You’re gonna have so much weed! LOL!

I’ll get something up soon. It’s that or just shut down the journal! LOL!

Keep up the phenomenal work buddy! I’ll certainly be watching!


Oh f**k, I don’t know why reading this reminded me but I finally found my Ethos seeds - I’ve apparently had them all along. @Mark0427 hooked it up months ago like last Nov/Dec forever ago and I lost the care package in my office. Finally found it and sorted a bit - imagine my shock to find some Ethos genetics in the mix! And of course Geminis, which I really need to be focused to raise right. :man_facepalming:t3:

Are you running lights during the daytime?


In the 2x4, which is in the climate controlled man cave I’m 11am til midnight.
In the Thunderdome in the garage - NOT climate controlled - they come on at 8pm and go off at 9am.
I think our overnight temps got do to a cool 76 last night! Maybe the low 70s but definitely warmer than I’d like.
The AC unit is like a foot square so it’ll be tight but I’ll get it in there.
Gonna buy a duct “Y” so I can run both tent exhaust and the AC exhaust through the Cloudline 6 and out the attic. Hopefully I can tame the tent temps with this LAST adjustment.
She won’t give up the only spot inside the house I could set up the 4x4 so I’m relegated to the garage.
This is when I wish I had a basement and not a crawl space.
Which would be cooler than the garage if it wasn’t 3 and a half ft tall at the big end. Crawling room only at the other end.
I do not eny the guys who cleaned and enviro-sealed it during the remodel! LOL!


Win win eeh. I love finding stuff I misplaced. Lol. Cleaned lots of the roots off my root over plant. That is frustrating asf


Nothing slowing these girls down… Feel like I’m not keeping up with the trimming enough but I’ve cut so much away lol


Lookin’ good bro!!
Soooo many bud sites!
Is the second pic the clones? They really stretch don’t they?
I have got to build a 3 bucket RDWC for the 'dome by this winter!
If I can make it through the summer out there. Temps are killing me man!

Glad you’re still alive and kicking man! I was getting worried and meant to hit you up on IG but it’s been a pretty busy stretch around here too. It seems by the time I have time it’s well past when normal people would be awake!


Yeah that’s the clones lol, kept them limited to 3-4 branches as much as possible so they got tall quick

Been super busy so not much updates here lol,

Glad I stuck them in there it’s interesting to see that I can keep a plant limited to just a few bud sites lol, after messing with these photos some this first run, I will feel more confident next run.


Damn man they r looking amazing 4 real

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Let me know if you want help!

Not sure if you want to go with the black buckets like mine or if you’re thinking about doing the larger totes kind… I prefer the thick durable ones, last thing I want to worry about is all that water escaping the system lol


Well, first off - those girls! OMG!! They look so much better than their moms do. :star_struck:
After the flush the Cookies and BCP are doing much better but the Gelato is as pale as ever. Maybe more!!
Where do you keep your PPMs? Well - EC? I’m hitting around 1200 currently and most guides say I should be hitting much higher. I’m still getting fresh pistils and calyxes but the leaves are just so pale…LOL!
She smells great though! :rofl:

Can you run a bunch of 90s with the pipes. A three bucket system staggered with the center bucket kicked out would maximize plant area and tent space best I can figure. Like a “V” I guess.
Might could build and use the same type SCRoG frame set-up as @beardless but modified for the RDWC since run off won’t be an issue.
I would definitely want to use high quality, heavy-duty stuff.
You saw the man cave - I don’t like cleaning! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Dude - temps are friggin’ KILLING me in the car hole.
I’m seriously considering sneaking the 'dome into the solarium this weekend. It’ll be a real test of the light-tightness, but at least that room has killer AC!
The portable unit isn’t doing squat! Inside the tent, set to 64 and running non-stop all night and the temps were at 84 during lights out today! I won’t even mention RH. I’m sure the walls were pretty close to dripping!
But the girls are looking good. I gotta figure out something!

The 4x4 might just be the winter time grow and the 2x4 and deck the summer. I’m cool with that.
I could still use it for clones and or early veg…
I’m pretty stoned and rambling now…LOL!



My EC is 2.4 for mixed up nuets, if my res starts to get around 2.8-3.0 I will add just pH tap water … My tap starts at 0.3

And yeah we could add whatever joints and stagger the buckets however is best for the room/area


Dude - I’m definitely building a couple of RDWC set-ups for future grows.
It’s not so much the hand watering that’s bad, mainly because I have ZERO intention of ever having this many plants going inside at once ever again, but the Ph drifting in the soil and causing issues, despite always pegging watering at 6.5 is just ridiculous.
I’m starting to think I overloaded them on microbes and other supplements TBH.
At any rate - the RDWC seems like the easiest way to go with it.
I found a really nice set-up on Amazon that uses HUGE net pots and would be perfect for the 2x4 but it’s over $400!

And of course the 4 bucket system is even more expensive! Over $500!

I do like the giant net pots but looking at yours I’m not sure there’s really an advantage to them.
I kinda also like the flexible lines with the PVC connectors.
I’m also not sure if I need 4 buckets in the 4x4. Based on what I see happening in your tent I’m thinking 3 would be perfect, and 2 buckets might be pushing it in the 2x4.
Of course I could always save the 2x4 for clones and my experiment I want to try with the cloner.
Plus ultimately I think RDWC would be a cheaper way to grow vrs buying new soil every few months for a grow. (I also think re-using the soil might be contributing to the creeping Ph!)
And then there’s the ease of use. Checking the res once a day and filling it once a week sounds like a dream and would actually afford me MORE time with the actual plants vrs mixing nutes all the time then having no real time to spend with the plants.

One way or the other the 4x4 is going RDWC for the next grow - which won’t be till the fall due to temps out there and I’ll have extra time to decide what happens with the 2x4.
Is there a site you used for your build? I really just made the decision like last night but I’m definitely going that way so I haven’t really started in-depth research yet. I know there’s a ton of videos on YouTube but I’m more of an instructions guy than a video guy. I’m sure I’ll be watching some but I’d like a schematic I can have printed out for the actual build.
I’m gonna go back to that site where I found all those plans before and see what all they actually have on there. They might have exactly what I need.

At any rate, any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!

I like dirt!
But damn!

Hope all is well brother!


I think my net pots are 3 inch or 3& 3/4 inch lol

I guess if you want flexible hose
I just got the bucket

Kinda wish I would have done the 13 gallon ones for the extra water capacity tbh

Also ordered the bulk heads, I used 2 inch,

All the 3 inch stuff gets much more expensive…

Then I just picked up whatever pvc I needed and connectors and glue and can make it whatever shape you want

If you can access all 3 sides of the tent I would say 4 plants, I can only access 2 side of my tent so I might try a3 bucket setup next run just so I can access the plants better. I would only do 2 in a 2x4 imo, but you could do as many as you wanted and just flip it earlier I guess lol


I keep reading terms like “waterfall” and “undercurrent”.
I assume the “waterfall” systems are the ones you see with the separate set of pipes at the top of the buckets where as the “undercurrent” would be the systems without?

Still plotting and planning…LOL!
I’m wondering if using the yellow topped buckets like the Amazon one would be better than the black top ones for heat purposes?
I plan on getting a chiller for the man cave at least since I run heat in here. Might not need it in the garage if I’m only growing in winter out there.
Looks like 2" is the compromise from what I’ve been seeing around too. 1" to restrictive and 3" cost prohibitive in smaller systems. Although if 3" is that much better I have no p0oblems with spending the money. I guess when I get to building, or at least gathering the parts, I’ll make cost decisions.
I still got time to decide on everything.

About to pull the plug on the 2x4. Opened it up this morning and immediately realized it had been longer since I watered than I thought! LOL!
The ongoing soil issue is killing me and I’m just done with them.
They got plain water this morning and will be snatched this weekend.
BTW - I’m pretty sure the GSCE is going in the next day or two herself. Overnight all her fans literally yellowed out and I’m not seeing many new pistils at all. Might get her in the morning although they’re calling for rain again tonight.
At any rate once the 2x4 girls are gone I’ll be thinning the heard in the 4x4 and moving a couple in here to finish.
Maybe 1 and the 4 clones. Maybe 2 and 2…who knows!
Either way it’ll be the best move for the remaining ladies I believe. I would like to have the Lilac Diesel and maybe the CrescendO X GPS in here…or the Member Berry…LOL!
Definitely the Lilac though! :rofl:

I’m gonna sit down and watch some videos sometime if Disney will stop throwing all this must see shit up on the screen! OMG - mediocre entertainment overload! LOL!

How are those ladies looking man? The moms look like hell - that I know! LOL!

Take it easy man!!
And thanks for the info!


Waterfall just means the return water is falling back into the bucket, this causes some additional air to be added to the water.

Most water fall has a water line to each bucket so each bucket gets it’s own water fall.

Under current typically just refers to each bucket connected together in series near the bottom of the bucket causing the current to flow under each plant

They say to use 3 inch to help prevent clogs, but I’ve had no issue with 2 inch yet. Fingers crossed lol

Dang sorry you’ve ended up having such issues, those pH issues I had that first soil grow is one of the main things that pushed me to hydro.

I’ll try to get some pictures tomorrow,

Hope your plants get right!


Wish i could share pics…
My setup is super simple…
I can tag you to my old thread if you want…
System’s work like a charm… :+1:t3:
:v:t4: :sunglasses:


@Syndrix has waterfall I have undercurrent. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses: