🐉 Indoor RDWC grow adventures HLG Jacks 321

Its back now lmao. Really love the girls man. Still bummed out those clones didnt work out 4 u i know they wouldve been monsters


Those are all clones! LOL!
The big girls are the ones from the Green Gelato and Black Cherry Punch! The new babies are @Syndrix s first cloning attempt from one of those girls!
All kinds of firsts going on in there!

See those girls compared to my yellowed out, pathetic things? Makes me wanna do RDWC!
Every time I mix nutes every 3 days - twice - I think to myself - How often would I do this if I were Syndrix?

:laughing: :joy: :rofl:

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Haha i was talking about the ethos clones… I finally realize i need the hand watering more than the girls need the watering lmao


I mixed my nutes 2 weeks ago. :wink::+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


I had to come back and take another look at these girls.
You really have me thinking about replicating your system in the Thunderdome and just pulling clones from those ladies to run SoGs in the Romper Room.
The more I think about it the more I realize I could do an incredibly large and productive SoG in the 4x4, that would be an incredible amount of work in bags. But in the RR based on the last SoG I could probably still get a good 16 1g bags in there. And that was a very good run with just 12 plants. And I still want to try that other experiment I mentioned with the cloner… :laughing:
There’s just too many choices!
And it’s not helping that I’m impregnating my brain with some of that SoG right now either! :rofl:
I tend to wander off subject mid-sentence! LOL!

Long story short - I just can’t get over how good they’re looking man! So impressed and totally jel!
:laughing: :joy: :rofl:

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You could do what you always said 1 plant sog


Oh yeah - the long term SCRoG is still a consideration and was the plan until I got to thinking about taking care of 30 clones in the 4x4! LOL!


Throw em outdoor lol

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The girls got flipped to 12/12 about 5 days ago, showing some really nice green growth.
Going to try to limit the clones to 4 or less branches.

Time will tell

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Yeah, currently I only need to mix a 5 gallon bucket once a week to keep it full, so much easier than dealing with soil. I do check the pH and TDS daily but that’s a 5-10 minute process

Let me know and I’ll help you with it, I might be just running 3 buckets in the 5x5… So I might have to change my setup slightly again after this grow. Work only being able to open the tent on two sides I’m very limited on accessing the plant lol


Dude - I’m seriously considering it! LOL!
I think I’m just hitting a roadblock because I’ve got way too much shit going on atm.
Too many damn mouths to feed! And these girls are drinking like camels before the desert crossing now! Sad part is camels make it last a lot longer than they do! LOL!

Your system is entirely homemade, right?
What did you base your design on, if you don’t mind me asking.
I’ve got a while to figure out what I want to do since I’ll probably be closing the 4x4 until it cools off a little. I’m not planning on buying an AC to get me through the summer as I’ll have plenty to do outside.
I’ve go too many damn plants as it is! LOL!
What I need is a 3 bucket system with super long flexible hoses too and from the res. Then I can build a giant lazy susan for the tent and rotate the plants for maintenance then rotate it back into place when done. That would be awesome!!
I’ve seen the part I need for the center of the platform before but I don’t know what it’s called LOL!
And on the outer edges of the circle you just use some heavy duty casters from Lowes. Easy enough to build, if I can figure out what that piece is called or find a suitable substitute.

i started feeding the 4x4 Saturday night about 830 and finished about 1:30am.
It’s getting to be work, and that takes away the fun.
Plus they need trimming again already!!

But your look GREAT!!
They should be pre-flowering pretty quickly as at this point those plants are effectively like 6 months old! LOL!
The 4 clones in the 4x4 started showing 2 days ago and a couple of the others are just starting. The bulk of them are about to but not official quite yet. I gotta see a few white hairs before I declare! LOL!

Hope you had a good weekend buddy!

Been a busy as shit one here! LOL!


I hope this gelato starts flowering soon, she’s turning into a monster quick, lol

@Tylersays yeah mine is entirely home made, let me know if you want help getting a parts list together. Would be crazy to do it on a giant lazy Susan lol, having access to the plants is important though.


I found this in my journeys and it looks pretty cool! LOL!
I wish the illustrations were better like actual pics would help a lot! LOL!
i don’t know which way I’ll go but I do know I’m NOT interested in growing this many plants in soil again any time soon! LOL!
This site has about 20 different sets of instructions for all kinds of hydro and aeroponic systems. I haven’t even really looked at all the possibilities available on there yet.
Back in the early 90s, the first time I attempted indoor growing, hydro was in it’s infancy and there wasn’t a whole lot of info available so it seemed like a big, intimidating beast. But the more I look into it it’s really not that difficult at all! LOL!
Plus you can always put variations on the theme to tweak it for your personal uses if you just think about it some.
It would be nice to free up that watering time to actually have extra time with the ladies and really maximizing the plant and it’s potential yield.

I do like the idea above. Then I can run plants in the 2x4, take clones and do a SoG in the 4x4 and achieve even better results than the first plant!

Oh - I should put the link I guess!
Don’t think it breaks any rulz of the road…


If you are wanting to build something for a bunch of small plants to do sog, I guess that’s one way to do it. Then you could have a res that pumps water into the pipe system.

After researching the different kinds of hydro I just built an rdwc system. Buckets connected together, water goes to the far one, flows back, add air stones, done lol… If only it didn’t require 20 other parts to make that happen


Going strong, got some more trimming done.

Having to add 5 gallons of water weekly now, maybe even every 4-5 days. Crazy how much water basically 2 plants are consuming.


Really going strong. You got some monsters going on brother


Hope everything is still running smoothly man!
That 5g every 3-4 days sounds good to me! Especially considering I’m mixing 2g per plant every 4-5 days myself…I have 9 plants drinking at that level and the 4 clones get 2g more for themselves! And I need rain! LOL!!
Speaking of clones - the 4 I have left from that attempt are BOOMIN’ in flower. I guess because they’re genetically older than the seed started plants they’re just ready to go because they stretched and started stacking a lot quicker than the others. 3 of them look like they’re shaping up to put out a monster main cola with a few supporting BUDdies. One looks like it’s gonna be a cluster of fat buds surrounding a smaller main. Who knows - might all merge into 1 giant structure. I expect they’ll finish before the seed girls. They certainly are stacking up nicely.

I bet yours are in super-flowering mode by now! The clones really don’t mess around when it comes to getting started flowering.
I have GOT to do another SoG here soon.
It really is the best way to maximize yields and space. I was reading on the Ethos site about them doing a 98 plant SoG and the POUNDS of weed they pulled! It was over 4 pounds per 440w light and they were under 2 440w lights! You do the math! LOL!

Hope all is well with you, the wife and the kitties!
Give us a good set of update pics and I promise I’ll do the same!
Might have time to actually look at the plants this evening! LOL!

Keep on strokin’ bro!


:joy::rofl::joy: that made me laugh.

Clones are most definitely the way to go - flowering time feels so much faster.


They are trucking along, not sure why the gelato is reaching. Maybe I should move the light further away

I can’t get to the small girls in the back bucket without crawling under the other two…

I’ve been cutting so much off these plants and it looks like they need more trimming


Dude - you’re gonna have a beast of a harvest with this grow!!

I got exactly 2 plants cleaned up a little last night but I didn’t have the time or energy for the other 4. I didn’t even get back there until almost 10:30.
I’ll be back at it tonight as they will need feeding by then also. I had to re-angle my under canopy fan as it was drying the hell out of 2 bags and the others were still fine.

I have to say I’m very happy these ladies have done as well as they have for you.
And you’re right - even with my lock out issue I’m having that Green Gelato is a beast! That genetic has nothing on her mind other than growing. And growing vigorously at that!
You’re gonna have a much better harvest than I will for sure!
The way she’s going I seriously believe you could have parked her bucket in the middle of the tent and in no time have her SCRoGged across the entire footprint!
Both those girls - and your clones - are doing so damn good!

Have you started getting smells yet? My BCP is starting to really reek of Ludens cherry cough drops!
The Gelato is no slouch in the fragrance department either, but the BCP is stronger and sweeter to me.
I’m still not used to venting out of that front window and every time I walk past it I think “Who’s out here smoking some dank weed?” then I remember the vent is right there!
I can only imagine the smell those two beasts are putting out!
And I’m not forgetting about those 2 Rosemary Clonies either!!

The phrase that keeps coming to mind every time I see those ladies as they as now is - They’re real - and they’re SPECTACULAR!!

You da man! Man!