Indoor Plant Spacing


Hello ILGM Community,

Thank you guys for taking the time to check out my question. I really appreciate any input you can give me. I have wanted to grow cannabis for as long as I can remember. I finally am getting around to do the research and planning to start my first grow.

I want to do a grow tent for my first grow. I will be growing in an apartment and would like a little bit of discretion. I was wondering;

How much space do I need to have in order to grow ten plants?

I would like to grow Green Crack for my first grow.


For your 1st indoor mate, I would only start with a couple… 4 at the most. You’ll be Able to pay more attention to them and you’ll learn a lot more. It’s cheaper if it goes belly up also and a gradual increase in a power bill raises less questions if it’s a no no where you live. Just my opinion and I’m still green myself, but you’ll probably find that the difference in yield for your 1st grow with 4 plants or 10 won’t be as vast as it will be on your 2nd 3rd or 10th cycle so a steady as she goes approach would be of most benefit in the short and long term for you. That said I love seeing jungle pics so go your hardest lol :wink:


Thank you for your help! I do appreciate it! I have a little experience with indoor growing of other plants such as veggies and peppers. I realize that is a poor comparison. I am a perfectionist and highly detail oriented. I think that I can manage a 10 plant grow. My ultimate goal is to start breeding and experimenting with genetics. However that is a different topic. I am the measure twice (or more) cut once type. I plan on doing as much research as possible on all aspects of my grow before venturing out and starting. It is legal where I am. Cost is not an issue either. I want to buy the best possible equipment and I am willing to wait and save for what I need. I was curious though as to how much space I would need per plant. I am still researching but I figured if I was to ask some people with experience it would save some time. Cheers!


Ok great, Veggies and peppers aren’t all that different, the theory is the same, being legal is another huge tick, enough cash to set up properly, an attention to detail are more ticks and an apartment full of confidence is the perfect place to start. I’ll let somebody else chime in for how much room you’ll need for 10 green cracks as I’ve never grown that strain or 10 for that matter but I’m sure someone will swing by soon enough to help you out there, there’s plenty of journals to scour while you wait to see how others have gone. Lol. I wish you the best of luck and I’m sure you’ll smash it out of the park. Take care, keep em green :wink:


Ive never grown that strain but photos take alot of room. Im using a 39x39x72 tent & can only fit four comfortably inside. Last grow i had six & truly couldnt utilize all the plant. With fewer plants you have more space to LST & manipulate them resulting in more. Sometimes more can be less.


Thank you again! I do appreciate it. I am a long way off from starting but I will post my journey as it unfolds!


Here’s the thing … the more lateral space you give them (an assuming enough light), the wider the plants can and will get. I grew outdoors in earnest this year, spacing my plants 4’ apart. They grew all into each other and next year I’ll be doubling it to 8’.

On the other hand, industrial hemp plants are grown outdoors with very little space between them and they grow very tall and narrow. Nothing you would do, but to illustrate the point.

You should read up on lighting and canopy penetration because that’s going to affect how tall you can grow.

Some growers use something like a “Sea of Green” method, where their plants are pretty close together. I, on the other hand, grow in 5 gallon buckets and leave probably 2 buckets of space between my plants. I never grow more than 3 indoor plants at a time. If I wanted more, I’d need to increase my spacing so I could access the plants from all sides to work on them.

If you were growing autos instead of photo period plants, you’d need less spacing.

So, there are quite a few factors to consider


Thank you for the shove in the right direction. I have been reading about lighting and canopy penetration. I like SOG more than ScrOG. I feel myself shying away from ScrOG because of the pruning. It makes me a bit nervous to be that invasive. I might have to do more research into auto vs. photo plants. I have not ventured that far in my research. Thank you so much!


I’m outta likes for today but @phantomfarmer @Laurap Make great points. I was gonna mention about needing less space with auto’s but they can be finicky and youve more control over photos so think your better off with photos first off the bat. I’m also more of a LST fan. Not confident hacking into them much yet and don’t like the overcrowding of SOG. Just my opinion tho.


Isn’t LST a technique used in tandem with the ScrOG method? Or am I confused?


Yes they can be used together. I just use the LST to open up the canopy to let the light get in deeper.


LST is gently pulling down limbs & tying. This gives light to lower buds. You can combine two but hubby likes to move them around so we use LST only.


The others all have great information, and wouldn’t hesitate to follow all of the advice given.

To add, I will say that plant count is more about the method you choose to grow. Pruning should take place within a sog or a scrog, so it’s not really a reason to choose one over the other. It’s more about understanding the method, and implementing it properly. Room size, veg time, and method should determine how many you can fit. You can run about 4 plants per square foot on short veg sog. You just trim away under your main colas and focus everything on them. Or, you take a single plant on longer veg with training and fill an 8+ square foot area with it. Each method will have its high point and lows.

For a first grow, I would suggest being somewhere in the middle. You don’t really want to commit to a 6 month grow, but you also probably won’t want to deal with a sog either. If you’re wanting 10 plants, I wouldn’t get any smaller than a 4x4. And you’ll probably have your hands full with that. You could run 9 three gallon pots in 3x3, but even on 4 week veg with no training it will be a tight canopy. That would be sog ish.


That right there summarizes it all.


@dbrn32 I truly appreciate the advice and insight! I realize I have a lot more research to do. I am growing for myself as well as two other medical patients. My goal is to provide medication for them as well as myself. I would like to gain experience with growing so that I can toy with genetics later on. All of the advice is great! It points in the right direction and helps guide my research! Thanks again!


Research is key! Not solely in amount of research you do, but make sure you get the info you’re looking for from top to bottom. Making sure you get all of the info about chosen method. Trying do half of one method with half of another doesn’t usually end up well.

You will learn the most by being hands on, but you definitely want as much knowledge as possible when you start.


I am currently starting winter grow with 10 plants in 65 gallon fabric pots…
My greenhouse is 18x16 feet, by the time I flower them, there will be no space left…
So here is the answer :
You can grow 10 plants in 1 gallon pots in a closet and yield barely an ounce total , or you can grow 1 plant in 100 gallon pot and yield 2-3 pounds…

In any case, you will have a lot of fun :wink::wink::wink::wink: