Indoor pest control

I’m growing indoors in soil and have infestation of small black gnats.seem to be mostly concentrated in soil. I was recommended AzaMax. have sprayed plants weekly and 2 days ago also performed a soil drench. have not seen any change. they do not seem to be doing any harm to plants as of now .any recommendations are greatly appreciated thanx

How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats on Marijuana Plants - ILGM my first time ever trying to put up a link I hope it works :v:


it worked that’s what they are thx for the info


I got rid of them with gnatnix and some food grade DE … put a 1/2 inch to inch of the food grade DE first then an inch layer of the gnatnix should get rid of them. And sprinkle DE on leafs…

Believe it or not try this…

cut up a potatoe and place on the soil. Wait a few days and tosse out te potatoe and replace. Works great.

This also works great…

Put potato slices on the surface of the soil. The larvae like it and will be drawn to it… After about 4 to 5 days, remove the potato slices with the larvae. To get rid of them you can do a lot of things like either use a NO pest strip, neem oil or putting sand on the surface of the soil will suffocate the eggs and get rid of them as well. Tobacco juice kills them, and works well for re-occurrences!