Indoor/outdoor plant

My plant is an indoor plant. I have the ability to take it outdoors for a couple of hours a day. Is that a good idea?

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The only real concern would be bringing bugs back in with you. If bugs aren’t an issue then using the free electricity in the sky will be fine. Just monitor them as they’re not going to be used to that kind of intensity.


You don’t think the rapid change in environmental conditions would upset her?

How drastic of a change are we talking?

Don’t move them out in full sun on hot days right away as they need to be hardened before you do that. Partial shade to start with a few hours at first - gradually increasing time and then to full sun. Watch your watering as much more evaporation outdoors in full sun. Your plants will love it and grow bigger in veg so if trying to keep them small for tents grows, limit outdoor time or use supercropping and topping to spread the canopy.

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Take your plant outside you’ll know in 20 minutes whether or not it likes it.

Thanks to all for the advice. I am a beginner and often come to this forum for support and guidance.

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Should I trim the lower branches? What else would you suggest? She an auto) is getting close to her “harvest date” but I have been told to let the trichomes decide. I just order my second stand. My hands are so shaky it is difficult to get a proper cutting. Anyway, needing advice.
Thanks, Ms.

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I wouldn’t move that outside being so far into flower already you don’t wanna waste your efforts…also trimming is all you and what you want…if the lower branches/buds don’t look like they’re worth letting develop(possibly causing multiple cuttings for harvest as it will develop at a different rate than the top buds)…cut em out….leaves also from the very lower 1/3 of the plant…don’t go higher ya might jack up the flower process @Ms this would be the very bottom 6 branches with those popcorn buds forming

Good luck

My plan was to harvest the top first and see what else might develop. I have some side lighting which is probably the only thing keeping the lower branches alive. I was not sure if they are taking away from the part of the plant that is growing buds. If not, I am going to leave it alone. After a year of learning, this is the best plant I have grown.

If you know, is mold the only reason to worry about humidity?

And thanks for the information!

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No humidity also is going to allow your plant to breathe or not…the more humid the more suffocating it is for them…this all goes into how intense the lighting is…if your plant isn’t acclimated for a sunny humid day outside then it WILL wilt and stress if not die out right…as far as the lower branches, they’re only “taking away” in the sense of they’re having energy put into them also…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? Especially if you’re good with harvesting different buds at different times (prolly will happen which is ok to do also)….so yea leave em on it’s more buds for you! Plant looks good!

Also one more thing for your reference when the time comes

Remember to check on the buds and not on the sugar leafs @Ms