Indoor or outdoor? use humidifier?

A question from a fellow grower:

I was wondering if a humidifier would be good for plants to grow I plan on planting 4 seeds after they germate and I could either put them into the ground with good soil I could put around them or I could put it in big 15gal bucket like it said but it’s beginning to cool down now closer to the winter months so I don’t know if outdoor would be good for that if not I have a building outside I was going to put in the buckets then water them and if the humidifier helps would I need to use the lamp too or would it help. Any tips you can give me would be much appreciated I’m a beginner and I am planting 4 indica seeds

I really miss winter months. :smile:

That said, what are your outdoor temps going to run when it gets cooler? I would be concerned with frost forming if there was a high water content outdoors and temps that drop too low.

I’d wait for the folks with experience, but also just wondering if you plan on running a heating system in your room outside. (When I think winter, I think below 32 degrees. Winter here means it drops to sbout 70. :slight_smile: )

What kind of humidity do you have in the shed where you want to grow, that will answer your question. On your question about in doors or out, where do you live if out side what are your temp range? Yes you will need lights indoors. Four seeds or ten you still need the grow stuff.