Indoor no-till experiment: the permajournal

I’ve be n massively distracted with life.

Lost a lady as a result…

The other lady recovered well. Both are in used soil and were left 10 days with no water. I feel like an absent father…. But this lady should provide.

@fast-grow, all is good my friend hope the same for you. Just been busy with work and kids and all that.

I dropped three Kosher Choco Kush seeds this weekend. I’ll do my best to post them here cuz I’ll use the no-till pot. I’m still searching for worms…. COVID seems to have put my normal supply out of business.


at least you saved one!


At lead you saved the other. It’ll buff.


Crappy pic.

3 days each for the kck


Better pic.

4 days for all three.


9 days seedling for all three
They are stretching, so I’m having to prop them up. Hoping I won’t push and early transplant…. I have another week to process the bokashi for the big pot…

This lady is trucking nicely. Given the stress she’s had I’m going to leave her in trimmed for now.


buds are really starting to fill out bud :grin:


Before and after a very light trim and a new pipe cleaner to spread some light around the middle.
Great genetics here…. Tons of bud sites on the main stems. Will make for some sweet sized colas.

The KCK is growing right along…


16 days for the Kosher Chico Kush ladies. Looking ok so far. Will be transplanted this weekend.

The forgotten lady is maturing nicely. :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Topped all three littles at 21 days today.
If the weather holds out I’ll have an update on the transplanting in a couple of hours.


Tall unknown seed got cal mag today. She’s on-again off-again with her health… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


can’t believe how fat those leaves are on the little girls.

So, two of the Kosher Choco Kush girts went into the big pot today. This refresh of the big pot should last me 3-4 runs based on what I managed from everything above. All the soil is re-used, but below you see what I have added.

I dropped bokashi in there @fast-grow I have some photos in here of how I dug a trench in the middle of the pot.

Here is the pot before I dropped it in:

The empty bokashi, and some of the remnants hanging out after I put the full pot in there:

If you’re doing this at home make sure you empty the bokashi juice from the bucket before you put it straight in your pot!! I did not do that and the juice ran right through my aeration pebbles in the bottom and the smell in my garage was pretty incredible…

I then top-dressed with purchased worm castings and ‘horn meal’ (similar to blood meal) and a very fine layer of myco powder (I use Mycomoz, a French Brand)

Then I put her in the tent, dropped in a bunch of worms from my worm compost bin, covered it up in wood chips, and dropped my two little ladies in there.


So you’re saying do not put the bokashi juice in your pot with your soil? If not, can you save it in a bottle and use it to make a compost tea for watering?

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No, I mean that when I dumped the full bucket into my soil, it came with like 1.5l of bokashi juice that ran out the bottom of the pot and onto the floor (lucky I had a plastic sheet underneath!).

I have used the juice in the past at a 1:50 ratio to water, but have not done that consistently enough to have advice…


I just scrolled through the whole journal here. This is technically the 4th run, and the 2nd time that I have added bokashi. (2nd run was green crack auto that went directly to flower and was attached by bugs so they didn’t produce more than a 1/4oz between the two so they didn’t draw a full run worth of nutrient).


Unknown seed bulking very nicely.

The big pot girls are moving along…
27 days above ground.

This lady will flower side by side to see if I can outperform the big pot.


31 days above ground for the kosher chocolate kush
I will flip Monday at 5 weeks.

The control plant got transplanted today into a 7 gallon pot.

Then this random auto seed is still bulking…
She’ll probably appreciate the 12 hours for the last couple weeks of her life. :nerd_face:

Overview of the tent getting ready to fill up.


Had a look in this morning and flipped two day earlier than planned. The lady in the back of the big pot is really taking off so I don’t want to delay the stretch any further than that.

So the whole tent goes to 12/12 at 32 days above ground for the KCK.

The rando seed probably has another 3-4 weeks in her. Hopefully the 12/12 will give her some rest time.


plants are looking great bud!