Indoor no-till experiment: the permajournal

Do you notice a “cleaner” high? Other than the blast of terpenes, the other thing I noticed was the much less foggy high.

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Keif to me taste pretty green usually even when I used to clean my grinders years ago before I started growing … the tastiest thing right off agreen plant imo is scissor hash …now that’s flavorful


I noticed a much sharper buzz. I have to say that was my first cure and storage effort so I’m assuming I lost a lot of terpene to the air, light, etc. so that flavor didn’t really pop. But in general it’s a better experience than smoking a bowl for me.

We sampled a bud that I let dry for about 8 days off of my current grow and THAT flavor was special. @fano_man has me excited for our first trim session on those plants now…


Scissor has is great it’s pretty mandatory to collect to because my build up on my scissors after like 3 or 4 branches is so bad I got clean scissors or they stop cutting… the resin build up causes a gap between the blades and the scissor action begins just pulverizing instead of cutting



You running living soil?

Living soil is better the super soil in my opinion super soil is easy just add water and a seed… naw no way… I like full controll of my plant …how can what its liking in veg ve what it needs middle of flower you know?

Outdoor for my vegetable gardens. I finished an organic soil seed run a while back, and I’d consider that a live soil; I only added water and microbes during the grow. I’m probably going to run those pots again, but right now they’re just in a vegetative holding pattern.


I rent, so I have a lot of limitations with what I can do with my soil (no chance for real compost) so I’m trying to cut corners. If you re-run those pot keep us posted man! I want to follow what happens in those situations.


Gerty (left)
5 day germ
24 day seedling
23 days veg
69 days since flip

Trudy (right)
4 day germ
25 day seedling
24 days veg
69 days since flip

Well I think it’ll be at least an 11 week, maybe 12 week flower on these girls. They won’t quit! I’m seeing more milky… and based on the evolution from last week, I will give them another week to finish up.

Here’s the microscope at 10 weeks since flip:
Durban Poison Triches 10 wk 1 Durban Poison Triches 10 wk 2 Durban Poison Triches 10 wk 3 Durban Poison Triches 10 wk 4


yep, at least another week bud. my chemdog is supposed to be ready in 8 weeks, it is now at 11 weeks and it needs another week at least to fiinish

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Getting some cool colors this far along in flower…


Let the bulk begin

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@monkman I need your view here my man.

I haven’t pushed any of my plants this late into flower. I’m seeing the color change and plenty of dying leaves. I don’t know how to read them now that the colors are changing…

That combined with the threat of these root aphids leaves me wondering how much of the wilting is normal vs caused by me and those critters.


Let those run…:sunglasses::v:


absolutely let them run, look at my post today that i will do in about 15 minutes, notice that two of the plants are bare of leaves.


by the way, i wouldn’t have them that way by choice, it is just the way that they have been working out for me. the plant, in the wild, will eat it’s sun leaves or fan leaves whatever you want to call them. as you can see with cd7 i have done better keeping the leaves on that one, but still have a month at least before it’s ready to chop.

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Your pistils all white still


another BTW bud, you are going to have a great harvest this grow, do not chop early, get the most out of your time and effort. PATIENCE… OOOOMMMMM!


Yea the 160l pot is rewarding you nicely … I like the massive plant that grew pretty quick to smaller buckets


Awe shucks guys!!

Seriously though, thanks.