Indoor lighting


I’m looking at various different types of lights and this is what I’ve settled on. Can anyone please give me feedback? Thanks

I’m not sure if the link will work? It’s a MEIZHI 300w. I’m thinking about 2 for a tent that is 48x24x60?


Looks like a Mars knockoff and will be good for veg maybe not bloom. Give it a try.


You can get a Mars brand light for about the same $ on EBay. Have heard from a couple of people that ordered them without problems. LEDs are so hard to judge from ads, many are just junk. I’d spend my money on the Mars that has many vocal growers recommending.


Thanks!!! I went with the mars.


Thank you.


I bought my Mars based on the great grow I saw from Hillcrest. I loved what I saw in veg that I bought 2 more from ebay. Got great results using 2 for flower, and the 3rd for my clones and veg.


The more you spend on your lighting , the better your grow will produce . That is the one thing I would not cut cost on is the lighting , it’s the most important source to get big dense buds and strong purgent quality . Now they have affordable name brand lights that’s not so expensive but you want the best you can afford , are stack your money up before you buy just any light so you can get great results and not headaches .