Indoor lighting - gas lantern routine


I’ve been reading about this vegetative lighting schedule called the gas lantern routine where you time your lights 12 on - 5.5 off - 1 on - 5.5 off. Or 12/12 but you break up the dark cycle with 1 hour of light halfway thru to prevent flowering.
Supposedly the more dark time lets your plants rest and vegetate stronger, plus obviously saves energy.
Has anybody here ever tried this?
Do plants veg better with more dark time or is 24/0 the way to go?

Another thing I was considering is setting them to 20/4 and ticking off 15 minutes of light time every day or two to ease them down to the 12/12 flowering light schedule. It seems like that would best mimic how the sun works. My light timer sets by 15 minute intervals.


Breaking up photo periods is a bad idea; rubbish IMO.

Length of photo period is a major debate in the MJ culture. As a Professional/Commercial farmer, I say; " Let there be a dark period.

In regards to deceasing photo period at intervals; I do this to manipulate the planys photo-synthesis, in order to finish when and at full potential.


I’m doing it now. Check out my grow journal and give input if you’d like