Indoor lighting 2000watts

Im starting a 300 grow in a building with 4000 sf and a ceiling height of 12f, what would be good lights to use? I’ve been told 2000watt led lights just wanted feedback

Lights that claim to be 2000w are never that. These are called burples, and they are typically only 20% of the stated power and they are not of an ideal spectrum for growing cannabis. To be blunt, these burple manufacturers are very dishonest. I would think about quality cannabis lighting such as HLG, Chilled, and some of the latest Spider Farmer models.

Your target should be 35 to 50 watts of quality cannabis lighting per square foot of cannabis canopy.


I can’t imagine this is a serious inquiry. What is the cost of a 300 plant 4000 sq ft legit grow op. Asking a forum about lights???


We see people with more ambition than resources occasionally.


It’s serious inquiry I’m already in process been approved working on building lay out but my partner insist we use 2000watts lights i didn’t believe we needed those

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Just wanted a general idea of what people would use growing in a small building not a tent

Why not contact hlg or one of the big name commercial lighting companies and get their input

Hire a consultant. Your doomed if you dont


If I was you, I would either call a lighting company like Gavita or HLG and ask them.

I know I would spend a big part of my budget on lights if I was attempting that grow.

The big operations I have seen are usually hydro so that might affect which light.

There are also probably professional growers forums that can help more.

Good luck! :slight_smile: Sounds fun.

Which lights specifically?

I’m leaning towards the opinion that you may be in over your head as well, but we are here to help. Reason being, is that we help a dozen or so brand new growers per week and most need a lot of help to manage a small tent grow. I’m also of the opinion that anyone that has gotten more than 2 grows to harvest has a pretty good idea of what they need for lights. Not judging, but this is a pretty big project.

The good news is, just about any of the major lighting companies will help you. When you start talking about a few thousand square feet they’re going to have a healthy check coming their way. Have you dedicated specific areas to propagation, veg, and flowering? I would like to know how large each area is and projected layout of each.


I was living in California once when the newspaper read of an outlandish electricity bill,
So power company goes to see WTF. Turns out that this was underground grow using 2000w lights?!

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What part of the state are you in?

You’ve been told to use something that does not exist? There are no 2000 watt grow lights, lights in that wattage would be stadium lights. What is your budget for the lights?


Hire me, for 95k/yr I’ll get yourplants in the pots within 3 weeks

Gavita is what most commercial ops here use

Stadium lights. Lol