Indoor ILGM Blue Dream auto leaf tip curl down?

ILGM blue dream auto 5 gal fabric pot Happy Frog / Ocean Forest / Strawberry Fields mixture/
Fox Farm Big Bloom and Grow Big half strength every other watering. 12/12 under Mars Hydro TS600 x 2 75-80 agrees F/ 50-55% humidity ( garage grow in southern US )

It’s been going great but yesterday I took the girls outside to water/ feed and get a better look in the bright sunlight. Today, noticing curling down leaf tips on a fair amount of leaves. Just wanting to get out in front in case I’m headed down a bad road. Thanks gang! Thoughts?
Worried about humidity as flowering continues. Might need to bring them in the house to finish.


Watering can cause drooping, but it is always temporary. Light can cause issues too if you are putting them outside for the first time. Read about “hardening off” to learn more.

You plants look very healthy.


Yeah I agree… looks like you just watered. It will be temporary but if not it’s usually heat or water related.

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Scotty6364, In many grows that I’ve done it looks to me that it’s a bit of over watering. Your plants look good

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Thanks folks, just a nervous 2nd year grower. First grow was a bit of a catastrophe last year. Going well this time so far, wanting to get a decent yield! Grateful for the wisdom and experience on this forum!

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Scotty, yeah my first grow back in the seventh grade only lasted about 2/3 weeks. Then died. So we all have had our fare share of fails. Just keep it up. Glad that I could share some help