Indoor Hydroponics WW Autoflower has drooping leaves overnight... PLEASE HELP!

I have no idea what’s happened!! This plant went from being gorgeous to this overnight! The ph was 6, temp 76 and humidity 48. I’ve been giving it General Hydroponics Flora Gro, Bloom, and Micro according to their schedule. I flushed it 01.14.22 and haven’t given it any nutrients. As you can see I have an indoor grow house. Any clues???


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@Graysin can you help @angelique1 out. I’m not sure who else grows hydroponics.


Thanks for the tag @Bulldognuts

@angelique1 she’s drowning. Literally. The water is up way over the clay pebbles. What kind of system are you running?

Edit: check your air pump and air stones. If it had been okay up til now but isn’t suddenly, air is the first place I’d check.


DWC but I just checked PH 4.4 so I’m adjusting that now. It is really strange though because the WW next to her is perf

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good catch

Air pump and flow are perfect and just checked ph @ 6
I’m stumped b/c other WW “Love” is perfect, her sister “Hope” sitting right next to her

Yeah my advice is to lower your water level way down. I never ever have my water so high it’s above the bottom of the net pot. You’re drowning them. Slowly, perhaps, but inevitably.


Thank you for the help it’s encouraging for me to know that I’m not alone. My Dad; 86 yrs young, has been through 5 different types of cancer. Cancer free today - I thank God daily for this plant. We call it Divine Medicine


Not alone ever at all. Any questions at all about DWC I’m happy to help. I’ve been growing hydroponically since I started.

Seriously, congratulations to your dad! That’s stellar news. :v: :100:


Why and why not?


Well, I tried :grimacing: :no_mouth: Started with 3 - now I’m down to 1. I still have over 20 WWA seeds and I was wondering if you have any advice before I germinate another.



To start, when I germinate seeds I float them in a cup of water until there’s a generous tail on them. If they sink, pick em out and float them again til a tail appears. Usually takes 24-48 hrs - don’t soak them below the surface of the water, just let em ride on top. If they get submerged and won’t float again, time to put them in their grow medium. (I use rockwool to germinate seeds, I’m not sure what you use but I highly recommend rockwool, and secondarily I sort of recommend root riot or peat cubes)

Once they’re in the grow medium, set em in somewhere dark and warm til they pop up with the cotyledons (round first set of leaves) - then move them into the tent under mild light. Keep warm and humid, so dome with a clear solo cup or something. Don’t let the rockwool or peat cube get wet wet, just moist.

I think you did the germinating part right.

The next bit is the tricky stuff.

In true DWC, or the bubble buckets like you’ve got, then when you introduce your plants to the net pots, you’ll want to have the water level just under the net pot - the bubbles from the air pump should burst and spray a little water upward onto the bottom of the seedling’s roots.

After you see the first or second set of true leaves, lower your water level down. Measure whatever 2 inches below the net pot’s bottom is, and mark your buckets. I used a sharp knife to cut a mark into my buckets but anything works.

You need to get airstones (disregard if you already have them) because the big bubbles my bucket set up blew didn’t hold enough oxygen to be helpful.

Gotta run for a sec but I’ll be back!


Okay! Back to it -

I can’t stress this enough for DWC- airflow airflow airflow. Air pumps are your very best friend, because at some point you may have difficulty regulating your water temperatures. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not impossible to grow in DWC without a water chiller. It’s just more difficult. The way you combat it is more air pumping into the reservoir. Hot water doesn’t hold oxygen anywhere near as well as cold water, which is reason number one chillers are so highly recommended. If you start knowing this, and have adequate air pumps with air stones forcing oxygen into your water, temperature matters a bit less. I use 2x 12 watt and one 30 watt air pump to get enough oxygen into all my reservoirs.

The second reason temperature matters is directly related to light. If you have any light leaks, at all, then you run a serious risk of having algae or other bad nasties work their way into your water and then into your root system. That’s no bueno and hard to overcome once it happens. Best thing to do is keep water temps as low as possible but absolutely at all costs block out light.

Next, it’s critical that you maintain some level of air between your net pot and your water line, because as your plant grows she’ll form “air roots” which help her get oxygen (and CO2) from the atmosphere as opposed to the water. This is important because if you allow her a good 2-3” of air root zone, then if your air pump fails, she won’t drown right away and you will have time to replace the failed equipment.

My strongest tips are to watch your water levels and make sure you don’t let any light into the res. I never got to see your plant roots so I’m not sure what they looked like - I can’t tell you if you may have an issue there or not.

As far as the rest, honestly it looked like you had a good handle on it. Your water level was just way, way too high.


OMG! Thank you so much! I hope I don’t drive you crazy with questions, so here I go - and Thank you again, I appreciate you taking the time to help me!


Never. If I can’t answer it, I’ll grab someone who can. I’m here to help, just like everyone else around here. Feel free to ask away - I’m in the camp that the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.


I’m still hopeful that “Hope” can survive. Do these pics help you diagnose her in any way. I just rescued her from drowning by taking her (roots and all) out of the ocean and placed her in a bucket without water. The reason I did this is because I topped the tall branch off to help the smaller ones (ouch) and placed it (the top without roots) into a plastic cup of water with coco balls and nutrients for seedlings under a lamp. Look at that #$%^&*()!!! I was thinking maybe the whole plant would revive using the same method. I’m grasping at straws obviously!!

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Here’s her roots, sorry about that


Water level to high my freind, drop the water level in the bucket 3 inches or so and see if it dosen’t help.
It only take 2-3 days and it will drown and may not come back if you wait to long…


My advice is go to auto pots and use coco/perlite. It’s so much more forgiving then dwc with comparable results… andcit requires no electricity, though adding an air pump and stones does help but is not required.
If you’re not familiar with them, give autopots a Google search and thank me later :grin: