Indoor Hydro beginner question

This is the grow box and dryer I was going to get from Dealzer:

My situation is this… I’ll be staying with a friend for awhile, in their basement with a private door and such. If I’m using a few Ona Pro or Ozium scent equalizers throughout the basement, would I be able to transfer the plants from the grow box to the dryer box without anyone upstairs smelling it? Also, would I be able to trim and store the end product without anyone smelling it?

i’m not knocking dealzer,but save yourself a ton of money!
buy two tents with charcoal filter and fan for each… use the money you save and invest in lights and all other growing tools…
i have a growzilla and dryer and would do things different if i could…just my educated opinion


Its going to smell… nos if you take sir @BIGEs advice you can dry in the tent, and also from and what have you all in your tent! With the carbon scrubber it will make way less smell then trying to mess around with fresh sticky buds. Plus I imagine it sticks to fabric like any strong smell

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This Endeavor of yours will not be so secretly hidden as you would wish no matter how much money is spent …if the people in the house that you are living in are unaware I would suggest you make it known to them because it’s not only yourself that could be in trouble , the people living with you could also be in trouble as well and that wouldn’t be fair of you to not give them a heads up , even though this is something that is supposed to be sacred… the problem is you are living in their house …just my two cents…
Even in veg my plants stink enough that I can’t imagine trying to hide it from anybody in my house that’s living with me and that’s in veg… I have a whole separate area for my flowering plants and couldn’t even try to imagine trying to keep that hidden from people in the Next Room over… I think it’s almost impossible throughout the growing harvesting and curing process… :wink:

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Although… complete deniability is what I’ve pushed on my house mate. That person has never and will never go in my private office out of respect. And that’s the honest story everyone will stick to.