Indoor heating device

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

is there a heating product (not a light ) but a heat source on the market that I can perches so I can keep my plant worm at its down time , I’ve tried setting my timer for 18 on and 6 off but it seems to get to cold for it and it’s leafs tend to droop in that little time it’s in the dark , I have a fan and CO2 going , but the fan is not directly on the plant it’s turn off to the side . So if there’s a product out on the market I can get that’s safe to use indoors to heat my tent let me know please , and thank you for your time .

A space heater. Leaves will tend to droop a bit during sleep hours

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Ya they make some pretty safe heaters. Oil filled or with a ceramic element I would think to be the safest. Just make sure there isn’t any exposed light. If you need to, you could probably even place heater outside of space next to intake.


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Also, with the ceramic heaters, check the wattage. I was surprised to see my tiny heater pulls 1850! Jist make sure if you put one in the tent you cover the “on” light with black tape or paint. You can alao buy a bayite controller to plug in heaters or ac units. You set your your temp range (say heatee turn on at 65 and turns off when it gets to 75)

Holy smokes that’s a lot!

@dbrn32 right? My surge protector kept tripping and i couldnt figure out why. My buddy said sometimes those little heaters are high watts. I went and looked and it said 1850! Thats another reason i tell people who worry about being found out from power spikes that there are too many things that pull more watts than us growers!


I think your much more likely to be found from rfi than power draw. Unless you’re entire basement is a grow anyway.

The heaters are weird little things. I have a small one that pulls 10 amps on high, and a physically larger one that draws 2.5 amps on high.

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The oil-filled ones are really safe. The hottest thing in them is under 120 F. And if they don’t have a fan, you can use them with a standard light switch dimmer to make them put out less heat.


I like using an immersion type aquarium heater in a bucket of water. Works great! Not so much for flower, maybe but in veg it’s great.

The poster never mentioned how cold it was actually getting… and it sounded like because the plant was sleeping that they thought it was cold…
They should probably get a thermometer to actually monitor the temps before buying a heater…
Plants should be fine within 80 deg for a high and 65 deg as a low … anywhere in between there and you should be fine… :wink:

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Spot on @peachfuzz i think theyre taking the drooping sleep time leaves as getting cold. They could work around the ambient tempreture too eg lights on at the coldest time of day and lights off at the warmest.

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lights on at the coldest time of day and lights off at the warmest

Exactly what we are doing as per my wife’s request. We recycle the heat from the lights to heat the bedroom at night. Very efficient.

I was stunned to see just how much the leaves droop during lights out. I thought I had underwatered until I watered-to-waste and they still drooped in the dark. This one highly active plant!

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