Indoor GrowJournal - 2021


After a few hours in the bin, RH is reading 58% and even with my stuffed up nose, those terps are really coming to life !

I’ve never misted a dry bin but I totally understand the concept so I’m getting my sprayer cleaned now.

Just checked in on my flower room and my yellowing plant is definitely getting no greener.

My thoughts are this is from me beginning my flush too early as I began flushing a week ago. I’m not running extra water, just switching to water only like you mentioned.

My PH of water only usually stays right around 6.2-6.5. I haven’t been monitoring my PH during flush as I couldn’t remember if it was necessary :man_facepalming:

After taking a closer look, only about 15-20% amber pistols are on the larger plants. The lower canopy is even majority white pistols. The smaller Gelatos look closer to being ready.

I’m wondering if I should give my larger plants a feed or continue on with my flush.

Any thoughts ?


I think another feed would work wonders. Like I said, I don’t flush I just stop feeding. As for the misting you could use a few fan leaves. The bigger the better or a damp paper towel works as well. If you do mist the bin then remember that less is more here. Bearing in mind that a little water will go a long way as it evaporates. I keep forgetting that you’ve been injured as well. I’ve seen me just sitting there contemplating life and doing nothing at all so no shame in that :upside_down_face:


Hey Everyone,

I really intended on keeping a much more detailed log but I am still going through recovery and doing best as I can !

My Sunset and Zkittles have all been trimmed up and curing nicely. I’ve been burping for about 2 weeks now.

My Gelato that we were recently all discussing how much time we thought might have left has been going for another 2 weeks now. I began flushing all of my plants besides one this week. The one I haven’t began flushing is my biggest plant and seems to be about 50-60% white pistols still.

A few weeks ago, I realized the tape I have keeping a window sealed came loose which created a light leak.

I did all I could to replace the tape but can’t completely fix it until this run is over as I can not get to it with my plants in place.

Earlier this week, I noticed a few bananas popping up within a couple plants and have been keeping a solid eye on the rest.

Current Questions

I’ve never dealt with bananas so late in a run and I’m wondering what precautions to take while dealing with these as I approach harvest.

I’m collecting quite a bite of Kief and “Scissor” Hash and I’m interested in recipes that would be good to bring to a Football gathering and such.

Hope all is well with everyone and any advice greatly appreciated !

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I’d hit them with a drop off water and gently tweeze them out…

Try not to pop them as best you can. If your plants close enough maybe an early harvest to avoid pollinating others


I would just do the best you can to get the nanners off and out of the grow. You are correct im the line of thinking that extremely late developing pollen sacks need time to open pollinate and have seeds actually develop.

Unfortunately, if you’re seeing an abundance of nanners there is likely some you don’t see or will miss. Don’t sweat it though, these usually have very small amounts of pollen in them. Usually create a situation where there is a small amount of random seeds. Not the hundreds of seeds that a male plant or early herming female would create.



My very first and I believe only previous time dealing with bananas, once everything was explained to me that was my exact first thought and move I made.

I sprayed them and removed just as you’re saying in an early on crop and I believe I saved everything.

I plan on harvesting all but one on the 17th, so I’ve only got a few more days to manage this issue.

My thoughts and where I’m confused - as far as I can see I don’t notice any bananas near the window light leak. I noticed them on two separate plants right as I walk into my room. I’m trying to figure out if this could be caused by a red indicator light that is periodically lit on my DeHum that I keep right there. Other than that, there is a curtain and door that blocks any other light coming from that direction.

I have a green light bulb behind a semi yellowish tinted plastic cover that I use when I access my room during lights out - wondering if that shield is providing just enough of another light.

I plan to spend some time getting everything re-situated before my next run, just wondering where I messed up.

If anyone has any fun recipes or tips on how I can incorporate Kief or Hash into my own recipes, I’d enjoy having some fun !


Can be caused by many things. Light leaks, over drying, genetics…

But it sounds to me like you made the right moves :metal:


@YankieDoodle this accident has really taken its toll on you buddy, hope your recovery, although slow, is going ok. Any light other than green will cause you problems and even then keep the green exposure to a minimum as well. Nanners you will get good at spotting, just look for the little specs of lime green dotted here and there. Cant help you on recipes though


Yeah it has definitely been a recovery process, I got hit and my body took an impact around 50mph. The Doc tells me what happens when the body takes an impact like that is the muscles explode. It’s been almost 2 months and my back and neck muscles are still super swollen and tense. I’m sure you’ve all noticed I’m the type that enjoys doing a lot and it has been quite difficult getting through this. I’m very blessed to be walking, talking, healing and growing !

I assumed all of the same with the Green light theories, I also thought that I may have caused the bananas with too much Green light itself.

I also spotted a bit more Cotton Webb mold on one of my bigger Gelato colas last night. It had formed on the inside of the Bud, I seem to be developing the eye for that as well as I noticed the Bud looking funny from the outside and began to investigate.

I’m hoping this was caused by the same spike in humidity that caused some molding previously. Within all of my Sunset and Zkittles, I only ended up losing a few grams to the issue.

As this run has been very difficult to manage after my accident, I’m not beating myself up over any of these issues. I’m simply taking it all as a learning experience and enjoying what success I have !

Since cooking is a bit more manageable for me right now and I get together with some people every Sunday for football, I think I’m going to start a thread to talk recipes and cooking techniques.

Feel free to join in fellas - hope all is well with everyone !


Glad to hear things are headed in positive direction, keep up the good work!


Share with your Foodie friends !

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The healing process can be slow. Glad to hear you’re headed in the right direction


Hey Everyone,

I’m getting ready to pull all but my very last Gelato tomorrow.

Once I have only one plant left in my room, I should be able to get to the window to fix my light leak.

I have two separate 4’x4’ tables in my room, one of which will be empty as I harvest tomorrow.

I’m planning on doing one more run of Sunset Sherbet, Zkittles and Gelato as I continue my pheno hunt.

Since the Gelato takes significantly longer and I have at least a few more days of feeding before I begin my ten day flush on my final plant - I’m planning on filling my empty table with Gelatos to get a head start and even out my harvest times.

The other option is to fill my empty table with Sunsets and Zkittles. These two take roughly the same time which will keep my harvests a few weeks apart once I finish this Gelato and get some more going. I’ll make my decision soon on all this.

Current Question

We’ve spoke here before about reusing Coco which is what I use as my grow medium. I remember someone saying it can be reused three times.

I’ve never reused my Coco but as my medical bills are piling up I’m considering doing so.

I’m wondering if there are steps I need to take to prepare the Coco for reuse and if so what they may be.

Thanks everyone for tuning in and feel free to check out the new Cooking with Cannabis thread !


I’ve read to wash… rinse the roots free of the medium with pH water, strain and let it dry completely. Then rehydrate with whatever nutes you use.

Good luck with the bills

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I was assuming something along those lines, just wanted to get some knowledgable feedback so thank you !

I’ve got quite a few full pots that were harvested weeks ago that have been just sitting in place and dried out under the light.

Most of my pots are rooted and booted, roots growing all through the bottoms and sides of pots.

Should I do my best to extract all the roots by shaking off any reusable Coco and then rinse and rehydrate ?

I haven’t done it yet. But I think my intentions are to use a large tote and a picture. Just continue pouring the same pH water over the roots and wrestle them till they’re free. Strain it drain it dry it and call it a day

I’m pretty sure I will call most cats around here just replace it so I don’t know who’s got hands on experience with it.

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I’m curious as I do enjoy doing what I can to not be a wasteful S.O.B !

Since I’m planning on just starting one table early, I think I’ll give it a shot and report back on this.

Speaking of PH water, I couldn’t remember if it was necessary to PH the water during flush. My water naturally runs around 6.4 - so my previous flush along with my Gelato flush has been just straight water.

Been a while and I took a hard ass hit so I’m kind of remembering a lot as I go through the motions over here but some parts are hazy.

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Yank root ball out and treat with cannazym or similar product.


That makes sense

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Thank you my friend, always on top of things !