Indoor GrowJournal - 2021

Looks like some decent foxtailing, but that’s a lot of white pistils. Check the trichomes deeper into bud structure?

I’m not sure what Foxtailing means. I do a lot of bending so most of the top canopy is roughly the same sized colas.

There are five Gelatos left. Two are about 65-70% amber pistols as shown above.

There are three plants with much bigger colas that are barley showing any signs of amber up top and minimal amounts down low.

Again, this is my first time running anything suggested ten weeks.

My biggest colas are literally small nerf football sized, they look like outdoor plants. I’m thinking this must be why they are taking longer to turn as they are very large.

All knowledgable guidance and advice greatly appreciated !



This is what I have always used inside of my bags during curing process. I was never really explained much besides they are moisture packs and keep everything right. I just realized that they say 62% just as you mentioned my friend !

I weighed my bag and have 76 grams trimmed. This package mentions 67grams. If I can remember right, just pop it in the bag, correct ?

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Yep, I have those. I find they’re ok for maintaining humidity but not great for achieving the right humidity. That’s where those hygrometers come in. They allow you to do the donkey work and get the balance right. If you get this bit on point you won’t need to use those packs

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I tend to forget that you are/were a semi professional or more likely a professional grower at one point :sunglasses:.

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My mentors are just old school, know what they are doing and I was always doing so much that there wasn’t always time to explain each step of the process.

As this is my very first solo run, now I’m focused on understanding all the ins and outs of my knowledge. It’s interesting to see how our knowledge aligns even though you seem to have more understanding on it all !

I was blessed to learn on the capacity level that I did, but I believe professionalism comes from experience and understanding. I learned from the pros and I consider lots of the knowledge that I pull from this site professional as well but I still feel I have a lot of work to put in and stripes to earn before I get to call myself a professional grower !

I truly appreciate all of the help from you and the rest of the community ! Thank you :pray:t3:


My Veg Room is currently sitting right around 65%.

My bag that I’ve been burping is being stored right outside that room in the dark as I prefer to avoid light until fully dry.

Would you suggest I leave my bag open in the Veg room for a while to conform to that RH level and then continue on burping with my humidity pack in the bag ?

Also, I believe I may have just enough time to get my hands on those monitors before my next round is ready to be trimmed. Last time I had to order a different microscope because of the U.K. differences but do you have a brand you suggest for the individual humidity monitors ?

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Have a look at post 176, that’s the one I use. I like the fact you can monitor from anywhere. Mine are around 25 meters away and work perfectly. If you are going to open the bag to expose the contents to the higher humidity in your veg room make sure you keep your harvest in the dark. The strong lighting will degrade the contents. Can’t remember if it’s THC or CBD that degrades, it’s one of them, my memory is shot that’s why I’m a bit wooly on that bit :man_facepalming::upside_down_face:.
As for burping, I only do it once a week. If my humidity is on point and a stable 62 I basically just change the air in the jar weekly :sunglasses:

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Thanks man, I’m learning today :metal:t3:

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Numbers 2 and 3 are my two jars that are curing right now. They have been like that for two weeks now. Number 2 was a little low so I misted the lid of the jar and lifted the humidity a touch. I will go in just now and open the lid for 10 minutes to drop the humidity down a touch. Number 3 I won’t touch at all. Number 1 is my flower tent. Everything in there is in flower right now. I will bring my other dehumidifier in tonight and drop that to 40% for the final weeks of flower

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Yeah that’s gangster I need that !

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For now I’m going to do my bagging and binning technique to control what I can. My Veg room is pretty set so I’m going to grab that Monitor and throw it in the bin with the bag.

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It’s a great bit of kit. The top part of the display is also a hygrometer and records the temp and humidity where it’s sitting. I like the fact that a glance when you’re passing tells you what’s happening in your grow. If the rh is up I know my dehumidifier is full and needs to be emptied. My temperature dropped one night and it was my hps light that had failed to start so it covers a range of problems. Once you know your space you get to read the signs when things are off or not quite on par :face_with_monocle::sunglasses:

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I agree, the technology is beneficial but I’m definitely old school like my mentors. Would you believe my previous run I did while teaching a friend, I didn’t even monitor RH at all as I didn’t know how simple it was to set myself up to do so. Still pulled some of the nicest quality and best tasting bud.

The rooms I learned in were monitored to the fullest, but I preferred to learn the feel and know what’s going on by sense when I walked in. A lot of my experience has been knowing what I’m looking for and expecting which is why I’m now focusing on understanding what I know to do or expect.

As much as I really don’t care for technology, I do enjoy being able to do the best I can. Time to hop out of my cave and see what else is going on in the World !


I like my cave, I’ve been called a troglodyte so many times. First time I heard it I had to go look it up :scream::man_shrugging::man_facepalming::rofl:
Dinosaur is another cry I hear regularly. Embrace the new normal they shout. All they hear from my cave is “piss off” . Give me a banjo and a shotgun and leave me alone :man_facepalming::rofl:


Isn’t it funny how so many people that are uninterested in such a simple society are brought together by one of the most complicated and enjoyable parts of life. The fine herb :herb: 😶‍🌫:sneezing_face:


We are indeed a diverse bunch. Society actively shuns us and strives to seek us out but we survive, just like the plant we cultivate. I reckon there are people here from all walks of life. There is no colour, race, religion or politics here and long may it continue :blush::heart_eyes:


I’ve taken a few steps with all walks of life from bums to the bosses. You never know what an open mind may look like. It’s a beautiful thing how no matter how many times someone gets pushed to the side, the World finds its way to cross paths at just the right time.

Maybe this is my pull talking ! :grin:

I’ve came up with a temporary curing solution until I get my hands on my monitors. I’ve got my next plant ready to trim and my trimmed bags open in a small bin. I’ve got two humidity packs in there and slipped my monitor from my Veg in there. After just a few minutes, it was reading 68%. I’m going to allow it to sit a couple hours, check back on my RH and go from there.

Thanks again dude. If you’ve noticed, I’m getting some energy back and really looking forward to everything !

I’d like to jump back to my question on my Gelatos time frame and my Veg. I was planning on pulling the Gelato on the 27th but I’m thinking it can go another week.

Also, the “Apple Scab” hasn’t seemed to spread at all in my Veg. I’ve removed any infected leaves and other dead plant matter, ventilated the room and dropped the RH from 70s to lower 60s.

I was planning on maintaining these until I’m ready to flip, taking a cut from each so I can continue to hunt for my best Mother’s.

Now I’m thinking I may want to take more cuts now to get ready for my next run and continue to maintain this current Veg as Mother’s. I’ve been thinking of doing this any way so that I can choose a plant and run all the same genetics. This first run with seeds and different genetics has been a new experience for me not pulling everything at once.

The other option is to take a couple cuts of each and start fresh.

Second opinions are welcomed and I can post pics if anyone would like to see !

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On your Gelatos, I never go with breeders times I always go with my scope and my gut. I never flush either, as they head for the finish line I just stop feeding and go with plain water for a few days.
The scab I think it’s possibly light burn potentially a calmag thing, jury is out on that one but the main thing is it appears to have stopped which makes me think it’s a feed issue.
Humidity was too high in the 70s so a timely drop was indeed the order of the day there. Have you had a look at a VPD chart yet ?
As for starting afresh, nah, keep it going. I work with a mixture of clones and seeds. If my seeds are a bit slow I will take a few cuttings just to fill the gap. I have it nailed with regard to timing these days so feeling a bit smug :rofl:. I’m harvesting one as another enters flower

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That’s the type of timing I like to go for !

I was thinking of sneaking in a few Gelatos to give them a head start as these Gelatos finish. Then I was thinking, I used to juggle rooms to harvest every 2 weeks. Why not go for some sort of the same arrangement in one room !

It’s just a bit of a challenge with the way that I do things and my sea of green meshes together into the trellis.

I believe you’re spot on with the Apple Scab. I was hurting for a couple weeks and just watched my plants over grow thinking I’ll do it tomorrow until they damn near raised the light on their own. I also ran out of nutes and didn’t want to mix more so I ran some nutes from years ago that we spoke about before :roll_eyes:

I’m getting back to it and making it up to my ladies now !