Indoor Growing on a Budget Soil/ Soiless Grow Mediums (Not water or Aero)


Yep. I’m looking. And I will find something in budget for now. I just have to count pennies for a couple more years, I hope :crossed_fingers:


Reading glasses?


Cataracts. About another year before I get Medicare and get them removed. I use magnifiers & flashlights :flashlight: a lot :rofl:


this may sound ho-ho-horrendious buuut…i have some frikin’ lazer beams in the front yard!!!
outpatient/ starts at dark…bring a driver because of anesthesia side effects…lol


@SmoknGranny I think the yellow meter will be ok. Just bring your magnifier with you if needed. It is a little hard to read sometimes but not a deal breaker imo


You making fun of a nice old Smokn lady? :rofl:


Good cuz I’m tired of reading all the info on Amazon :crazy_face::grin:


I started with a cheap yellow one, it did it’s job. I’m not particularly easy on stuff like that either as far as storing properly and using as directed. So if and when they don’t work properly it’s difficult for me to blame the tool.


Okay. I placed my order :+1:


just lovin’ on ya @SmoknGranny, trust me i’m singing the old folk blues myself…


I knew that!


Spend another $10 on Amazon on the 7.0 calibration solution. When you store the meter in a small amount of it, you get the correct reading on anything instantly.


Thanks for the tip but I’m going to have to wait until after the first of the year. Anything else you think of just let me know :slightly_smiling_face:


I believe distilled water has similar results right? That should be a good alternative.


No, no and no! For storage is something else, it’s not recommended to store your probe in distilled water :sweat_drops:.


I guess we’ll see how much abuse this one will take too lol. Been that way for almost a year now.


I use distilled for storage too.

Distilled water doesn’t have anything in it to get a repeatable reading so it’s not recommended.


Ya I haven’t researched any to make an argument either way lol. Like many other bottles laying around, I knocked the calibration fluid over and had a complete loss. Distilled was laying there, so I went with that. I still have the small calibration fluid included with my meter I use to calibrate. Haven’t noticed an issue yet.


Ph tester will arrive tomorrow :grin: In the meantime I found a couple of test strips from when hubby was raising Koi & they supposedly check for saline. So I guess I can see if the water softener is working :crazy_face:


I was doing that and after a bunch of reading about it, found out it’s not the thing to do. The 7.0 solution is the way to go. All I have to do is turn on the meter and see if it reads 7.0 then I know I have the right pH of the water I’m using. My meter was off by .3 when I finally bought the 7.0 solution.