Indoor Growing on a Budget Soil/ Soiless Grow Mediums (Not water or Aero)


Good to know. I originally bought it for my container veggie garden :slightly_smiling_face:, but now you all have me thinking of an indoor grow. That’s IF I can figure out how to work with 15 amps and bad wiring :rage: on already probably overloaded circuits.


Keep your eye out for some sort of a multi bulb light fixture we can turn into a grow light. Maybe even a few of them. I know you’re on a budget, so anything you can gather or salvage without tapping into cash will help.

Electronics are good to salvage too. Old computers, game systems, or even phone/battery chargers lol. Most will contain small fans, heatsinks, and power supplies that can you may be able to use at some point. If nothing else, some can have some scrap value that could earn to potentially go towards your grow.


LOL. You really jumped on that :rofl: It’s been a year since GFCI flamed out in the garage and I’m still paranoid. 15 amp. Small heater is pulling 6.6 amps, not sure about garage door opener and overhead lights. My basement isn’t much better. So I’m interested in an indoor grow but not sure if it’s feasible


I understand. It will obviously have to be small grow, but as long as your expectations are in line with the resources I’m sure you can make it happen.

Even if you started with the idea of building a small grow box to start the plants you intend on growing outdoors next year. You can see how that goes, and transform to a full cycle indoor grow as you go.


@dbrn32 you have seen my grow and my setup draws 1,340 watts according to my kill-a-watt. If you ran 15 square feet you could power that along with the other demand. Which would be roughly half that.


You’re absolutely correct as far as how the numbers stack up. 120 volts at 15 amps is 1800 watts available. However, I would never advise to load at 100%. Couple that with suspect state of the circuit, It being already partially loaded, and a restricted budget, and she’s going to want to tread lightly on the power draw.

Under different circumstances, she could definitely turn and burn with 15 amps. I wouldn’t argue that one bit.


My point is that sized grow would only need 750 watts for coverage. Plus incidentals like fans.


Her closet? Don’t think so, perhaps we are thinking two different things?


I’m pumping in some coffee so please bear with me (had a insomnia night). The heater in the garage is 800 watts and I have no idea about the opener and lights. However I have read & been advised that I should tread lightly on power draw. I’m learning :slightly_smiling_face:!


I agree. If it were me I’d be climbing all over figuring that stuff out. I also have the tools, training, and physical ability to do so.

Like everything else, we can kind of shortcut a way to test the circuits abilities if this becomes close to a reality for you. You just need to find something that takes a similar electrical load that you’re planning for, and see how it does on the circuit for a few days of normal living conditions.


I might very well have the tools somewhere but wouldn’t know it :crazy_face: I definitely don’t have training or physical abilities!
I’m trying to get ready to leave for my mechanic appointment and will get back with some more information as requested.


@Countryboyjvd1971 this is what @bob31 was referring to. I have 4-28 quart bags and 2 cu ft of ProMix Ultimate Garden Mix for inground veggies. I’m pretty sure neither would be good for MJ but it never hurts to ask. :grinning:


@SmoknGranny is that the black promix bag ?
I’m going to check it out I believe it has feeding nutrients which would be ok for veg but flower ? I’m sure you could grow mj in it just might not be best
ive grown in mg soil in the past and had a successful harvest
ill check it out tho and get back to you sorry for long delay on reply been busy busy lol


The one posted is in a green bag but I think they changed it. The other one is a blue bag. And no rush as I know you have a lot going on :hugs: I also noted they’re past the expiration date of 2016 which may affect quality.
Thanks for taking a look.


I have the above first two items in my cart :shopping_cart: but read the reviews and it was noted that the meter is hard for some of us oldies to read :nerd_face:, so what is a second choice that is easy to read and easy for the technically challenged? :crazy_face:


I have the one that have a screwdriver for calibration… It’s ok but not wow… And yes it’s hard to read it…


Thanks @M4ur I think I better get a better one that I can actually read & is easy to calibrate even if it’s a little more costly. I appreciate your feedback :hugs:


The “Apera Instruments AI209 PH20 Value Waterproof pH Pocket Tester” I hear that is a good “machine”, sadly the shipping costs are almost the same whit the cost of the product for me so I order something similar but cheaper than that(only 17$) directly from china :joy:
I will give him a feedback in 2 months I guess :disappointed_relieved:


It’s over $46 and I only have $28.46 :frowning:


She is a little expensive but people said she is a good quality… You can search something similar in your budget… A self calibration one is good