Indoor Growing on a Budget Soil/ Soiless Grow Mediums (Not water or Aero)


lol I’m going to probably end up with Smokn Granny Groans :rofl: Sneak Preview: “Auto Flowering is Not Idiotproof”


I haven’t used lemon juice or vinegar but used a lot of baking soda and citric acid (possibly another cheap ph down) and they worked fine.


I use both vinegar and baking soda to raise and lower pH, both are effective and cheaper than pH up or down which are a hassle if you don’t have a pet shop with aquariums nearby. Wouldn’t trust the swimming pool formulas on my plants. Have to be careful with vinegar, though, and only add small amounts at a time.


That was the problem with citric acid. You were using it like salt from a shaker. Just a tiny bit was all you needed.


@DieHigh55 & @Myfriendis410 thanks for sharing your experiences. I’m pretty sure that most people have vinegar and baking soda in their cupboards or both are easily accessible. On a personal level I haven’t tested ph (but will!) so I think adding an eyedropper to cost of supplies might be appropriate?


Those plastic pipettes are the bomb!


I have plenty of those for soap making :slightly_smiling_face:. But I’m trying to keep a running total of best & alternative expenses & little things add up rather quickly.


BTW tips for alternative methods of doing things for those who have a disability are also welcome.


Absolute necessity, a few should be on hand as the lines and numbers wear off eventually. Also handy for measuring out liquid nutrients.


Count on the Alans…as one of my foremen used to say, " if you can’t dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bullsh*t!"


Whats a cheap way to setup to collect rainwater? Buying water for them now.


I’ve seen some DIYs on Pinterest if you have gutters :slightly_smiling_face:.


Yep :+1: been there done that :rofl:


I also have & recommend having a flashlight, magnifier & a sharp knife &/or scissors handy :slightly_smiling_face:


Where can i p/u patience of a saint?Lol, so i know ill need gutters, a large barrel, what about filtering & how long would it be good water?


A bucket, a very large one.


All good questions. I’ll have to get back on Pinterest and see :grinning:
PS you’re on your own re:patience. I learned it by raising bird dogs :+1::slightly_smiling_face::crazy_face:


You could use a dark trashcan that’s heavy duty and the water is good for a long time. Anything white or opaque like my 30 gallon barrel I found causes algea to grow even in winter.


Did you share pictures of your veg light with the group?


It’s embarrassing. You’ve seen it before. I cut it up from the first grow.

Not a good picture but first grow

Still not a good picture, but this grow. Basically 5 t5s attached to a piece of luan with reflective insulating foam. The lights were about $25 a piece at the time. Now they’re $50 for one from sunblaster with a reflector.