Indoor Growing on a Budget Soil/ Soiless Grow Mediums (Not water or Aero)


You have some of the finest soil in the world to grow in. I use Alaskan Tundra in my supersoil mix and I think it really helps. The problem is that just using it alone is impossible because it turns to mud. I suppose you could mix it with cheap garden soil. I think I’ll try that with one plant.


I like end of season sales. Keep a close eye on the clearance aisles also :+1:. Did you use the test strips? If so, pros & cons? The good news about your ph pen is that it got you through the one Grow. :slightly_smiling_face:


@skgrower I suppose I could give the native soil a try. Being new to growing, I was uncertain, and found FFOF, and everyone else used it. I used it to remove variables, from the already overwhelming amount being a new grower. It’s fine soil though, probably would be muddy. I have plenty of natural sphagnum moss to mix it with if needed for drainage.


I’m just curious about the light system you built Any idea of total cost? I also saw you shop at the ReStore :+1:.


If you want I’ll post my supersoil mix and you could mix up enough for 5-6 plants. It’s a hot mix.


Girls up at 4 & i swear these are like Little Shop of Horrors. Open up tent Everyday they’re screaming feed me. Also on some things like fans _ reflectors, bulbs ducting, ect, i have a back up. Bought all on sale on amazon or a 2 for. Lol, thought id covered all bases, & here i am using aquarium ph test strips


Which one? The seed starter or the big CFL grow light? Currently I’m trying to find a way to build cheap LED lights that put out great light. Not having much luck. I’m finding out if you want nice bright light, it’s gonna cost ya.


Please i want your recipe


Hmmm. Let’s start with the seedlings light :slightly_smiling_face: What worked, cost and ease of assembly, pros and cons please. And is it easy to change or alter for increased lighting as warranted? I dared @dbrn32 with a $25 budget so I’m curious if it can be done :wink:


Big Walmart tub that we already had. Kitchen hood that was at the dump for free. 1 computer fan from a scrap computer. 8 rubber sockets for the lights at $2 each. I started with 8 x 23 watt 5000k CFls at $11. Those made a lot of heat, so I had to buy a cheap humidifier at Aldi grocery store to keep the plants happy. This grow, I switched to 8 x 12 watt LED spots with the covers removed at $1.20 each online for a 10 pack. All total $20 for the lights and $16 for the light sockets. It keeps a dozen plants happy for several weeks until transplant at 92watts draw. I think that’s less than 50cents a day at 18/6.


Awesome and thanks for sharing. The ability to upgrade economically is a plus for those on a budget & starting out and apparently has & is working out for you :clap:t2:


A lot of reading and YouTube studies helped. My friend laughed at me about learning how to do this on YouTube.


Very nice!

@SmoknGranny I’ve seen 18-24” single bulb fluorescent grow lamps at both Walmart and menards for in the $20 or less range. I assume they are t5’s but possibly t8’s as well. Either would work for seedlings. You would just be limited to 2-3 of them. A weak light like that would require to be very close. I would caution to be careful not to get a t12 style lamp, as they offer very little light intensity.

I’m struggling finding a cheap 4-5 bulb fixture or splitter locally. Been looking on and off since last night. There are several options via amazon and eBay for as little $6. Otherwise, it’s looking like $20 or so and limited options via the big box stores.

If and when I tackle that, the bulbs are relatively easy. A simple bulb change to cold white and you could use same fixture for seedlings and vegging. Then when you’re ready flower, you install warm whites and change light schedule.


YouTube is my friend :heart:


It helped me get started. That’s where I found ILGM.


@skgrower same here :sunglasses:


There were $25 t5s with reflector last March. Same ones now $50. I would just rather buy the photography bulbs for $17 and have 160 watts that doesn’t need to be right on top of the plants. I learned They like that light.


I think you bring out some informative points with your pros and cons. So between you & @skgrower the minimum average $$’s invested is about $26.00 dollars?


For seedlings that’s what I came up with. I think it was $40 with the El cheapo humidifier.


I highly recommend YouTube as I’m more of a visual learner as I have found many others are.