Indoor Growing on a Budget Soil/ Soiless Grow Mediums (Not water or Aero)


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You’re talking about ILGM right? I’ll look again. I’m hoping to get by without having to buy 20 seeds of something as I think they would be wasted. I’m going to send cash which will be interesting when I get the international postage from my local Rural PO :grimacing:


Postage will be cheap no more then 3$ i send cash all the time
Yeah i was referring to iglm
Take advantage of the sales or special pricing
Best way to go imo
And I understand about to many seeds
I personally like to have a few extra to store in my personal bank of seeds you neve rknow whatvrhe future holds


I’m also going to look a the sister site :slightly_smiling_face:
Having surplus seeds can be advantageous, but if I try two seeds from each strain I’d like to try initially with a 50-100 % success rate I will have 3-6 plants to keep up with. 3 will be easier to keep somewhat stealth plus probably enough harvest for me to handle. Besides, I’m old and keep putting things in safe places then forget where those safe places are :rofl: :older_woman: :crazy_face:


There Are other places that fo sell singles :wink:


I’m kinda worried about some other sites as I’m sending cash :dollar: & not sure how to get recommendations for them from others here and which ones. I’m confident that what I order here will be okay. And I don’t want to appear disloyal to ILGM.


It sounds like you like a variety of medicine like I do. I usually like to grow two different strainss at the same time just so I have a little variety, if possible. Take care!


Thanks and you also
Until I joined here I had no idea of how many strains that are out there :star_struck:. Plus how different strains help with different ailments. It’s been a great education. So I’m ready to try a variety but trying to make sure I have as many “tools” available to grow it the best way with what I have & what I can do. And, I’m always looking for options :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree with you 100%. I do the same for my chronic pain and nerve damage also. Hoping to come across the ones that help the best. Best of luck and enjoy.


The Afghan sample I got to try was awesome for my chronic pain but not good for daytime function :rofl:.


Thank you for the recommendation! Im always on the lookout for something new to try, especially when the recommendation comes from a fellow grower and medical user. Thanks for your time. I appreciate it.


Sorry @bob31 but I think you are not up to date with aliexpress link, @garrigan65 said it’s got approved so because of that I posted. Or it’s forbidden again :thinking:


@M4ur we asked for clarification already but until I get it no more Ali Express links. I will let you know when I hear further.

My understanding was that if the same item was available on Amazon that link would be posted and that it could be also noted that it was ordered or available via Ali Express.


You know how is best… :+1::wink:
Let me know what is ok or not


@M4ur @bob31 I actually saw that post as well but have not heard that it was approved myself
As bob mentioned we are getting clarification soon