Indoor Growing on a Budget Soil/ Soiless Grow Mediums (Not water or Aero)


Queen of stupid question here


Like I already said, you are number two @Laurap, the :crown: is me :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:
I m not a English speaker so that put me in the first place :joy:


Thanks for sharing. I have a cheap one from Amazon. I just haven’t messed with it yet. My bad :slightly_smiling_face:. If I have trouble with the one I bought I’ll definitely look at the one you bought :+1:


I think I can top you with my following question to @Countryboyjvd1971 :grimacing:
Can I “dilute” my ProMix Ultimate

with anything else? I have a few bags I bought for cost but I can use just for the veggie garden if I can’t use for outdoor MJ Grow.


i have been using my old promix to fill in flower beds[maybe a clone] so far so good. when i do this dirt grow i’ll cap it off with that…lol
trying to compost some as well.


I believe @Hogmaster uses that frim time to time lets ask him @SmoknGranny


Thanks. I’m planning on growing outside in bags this spring 2-4 plants. I’m also trying to finish figuring out how to do a couple inside with my low amp breaker :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Donaldj recommendation was to add perlite etc so a confirmation would be excellent :+1:


You can definitely add some perilite
I mix extra in with my bx I usually just eye ball it to be honest lol
Im sure you would be ok in veg with that mix
Might need to supplement in flower tho
Are you planning on autos or photos indoors ?


I’ve never use that exact pro mix but I have used a premixed that feeds for three months and one feeds for six months I would use it and mix-with it . I noticed with the ones that feed usually don’t have to feed any nutrients until flower time


Thats what i was thinking @Hogmaster
So @SmoknGranny lets get it done lol


I’m going to try both outside. However, my grow area is behind my house and will be contaminated by house lights at night. So the plan is to set up a small greenhouse and cover the roof with shade cloth for a photo or two. I’m also thinking of using mosquito netting to hopefully avoid grasshoppers & caterpillars as much as possible.


If you have light problems autos might be a better chioce for you ?
I tbink we actually discussed this a while back didnt we
Im pretty luck woth my outdoor area since i have a lager parcel of land and noone behind me my outdoor garden is pitch black :+1:


That’s good to know. I should be able to supplement with nutrients by the time they flower. I already have Black Gold perlite, vermiculite, & moss as well as mushroom medium for mixing.

I’m thinking this should be okay for seed starting :thinking:


Youll be ok @SmoknGranny
Add a little more perilite and vermiculite I wouldn’t add anymore moss tho it’s mostly that anyway


Yep I think we did. I have blueberry auto on my list already. :+1:. I’m spoiled with the quantity output of photos but I’m willing to try a couple of autos for more variety & faster turnover. Hot and humid summers here and the past year was so rainy in October that we harvested early. Suggestions on seeds are very welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. I never thought that growing a “weed” could be so intense :rofl:


Hahaha yeah as relaxing as it is it has it moments also lol
Well ive grown the wwa bba and a few more i have a few ak47a that i started in this little contest with @Hogmaster
He actually does more of them then i do so he can recommend more than i can


I’m in the same zone as you and any of them should work well


@Countryboyjvd1971 and @Hogmaster Thanks both of you so much.
Here’s my wish list: 1)high THC Afghan (loved the sample I got to try from next state over), 2) a high THC sativa (probably auto is best for outdoor here) 3) something for daytime pain without couch lock.
I’m not desperate as I have a two year supply of White Widow but I’m already tired of it :rofl:. I will say that feminized WW is almost idiot proof & was a very hardy outdoor plant!

PS I ordered some 3 gallon cloth pots from Amazon and will use them as a template for making larger pots from weed cloth. I’m also planning on putting my seed orders in Sunday night. My budget is only $100 so I have to shop this purchase wisely.


They have some good deals and if it was i and on a budget I would take advantage of them @SmoknGranny
If the stains work out for you that is
Also you should look ok into cloning
You can clone hundreds of the same strain frim a mother plant again if your on a budget you can start ine seed and get 10-20 plants this would of course
Extend grow season initially