Indoor Growing on a Budget Soil/ Soiless Grow Mediums (Not water or Aero)


@SmoknGranny i sometimes use an old ink pen. Just take use the tube, dip into ph up or down and put finger over exposed end. Then whem u want to drop a few drops in your water, lighlty remove finger!


Soak it over night and try again tomorrow.


Out of likes, but I fired off email last night and they responded this morning. They are fairly certain that probe just needs to be hydrated and it will be fine.


Same thing happened to my “replaceable probe” Glass bulb on tips shattered. 15 emails later they finally admit there no probe to replace it with and offered to let buy another.


Or those skinny little bar straws :grimacing:


My apera says to store in storage solution or 4.0 calibration solution but nothing else.


@Daddy thats what mine says too :sunglasses:


@Daddy @Kcdaniels if they say that then should be fine by if I was you guys I will write one email to that producer and ask again because many of this meters are not recommended to be kept in that solution! Just a FYI


Me three…


Instructions? I don’t need no stinking instructions hajaja!

I have the Apera too.


@Deewsmoke this is it… Go from start please!


My ph meter arrived, it’s easy to calibrate(I do it in 2 points 6.86 and 4.0), it’s big :joy: and seems to be working pretty well (just first test :blush:).
I bought it from aliexpress but you can find it also in Amazon
Professional Mini Pen-Type Water Quality Analysis Device High Precision PH Meter Automatic Correction Waterproof Acidity Meter

Edit… unauthorized link removed. Only Amazon please!

I will give it another feedback after a while :smirk:



Much easier to read than mine


I have a few nice ph meters
I find my extech ph 300 meter is may favorite
I have another very similar to your @M4ur as well
In my humble opinion the better meter you have the more consistent your readings will be i have the cheapy meter as well but i spent more time calibrating it then using fir intended purpose hahaha
Im thinking about getting the ph 600 next but cost to need factor is holding me back
Heres a-link to mine


That is nice but my budget not cover that kind of stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If a pH probe is stored properly (in storing solutions) I think will not needed to be calibrated every time :smirk::wink::+1:


I hear that @M4ur mine didnt either at one point
I think i have 3or 4 meters now i have gifted a few as well that i wasnt using ?
I love growing
All sorts of fruits plants and veggies!
And of course Cannabis but dont tell anyone lol
It my hobby so i have collected a lot of grow stuff over time and you will too
I enjoy trying new things
Learning and expanding my knowledge is my fav past time and in doing so I collect more stuff
I starting to look into aquaponics now so i see more purchases im my future


You always buy stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:, I will do the same if I was having :dollar: but… :roll_eyes:. So I try my best to get the best products for my hobby, it is hard to do that whit only 150-200$(that is what I get from my job :frowning:) and I have bills and so many things I need to survive…but I’m okay with that :+1::wink:


Its all good brother and I understand
its true i do buy things frequently lol
Don’t tell my wife
Your doing a great job as well I remember when you joined
You’ve come a long way my friend and if you look your collection of stuff has grown as well lmfao :wink:
Anyway i was just sharing
The meters you bought i checjed out the link looks good to me im sure you get years of use
And you can replace probe if needed so :+1:


I don’t if you don’t :joy:. O God! don’t remember me, I was so newbie, I’m still amusing myself when I think to that :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Welcome to the club, dude! Haha we didn’t know even the right questions to ask!