Indoor Growing on a Budget Soil/ Soiless Grow Mediums (Not water or Aero)


It’s not that I don’t believe you guys, I just haven’t experienced any issues. What did you find as the cause or reason? I realize the importance of keeping the diode hydrated. Just not the difference between 7.0 calibration fluid and 7.0 distilled water?


It’s just what I came up with after someone on this forum mentioned that I was doing it wrong. I figured what the heck, it’s $10 for the calibration solution. I noticed that I get a much quicker reading than when I was using the water. I don’t see where it’s a big deal if it works good for you.


I thought about the same thing, until I knocked over the bottle. The distilled water was going to be temporary. Still is, temporary until I have to order a new meter probably. In which case I’ll probably get two bottles of calibration fluid haha.


You probably use only one :joy: but it’s best to calibrate in 2 points so… Also you can buy a storage solution for your pH probe! :wink:

Something like this!


I calibrate at 4.0 and 7.0, both were included with my meter. I just bought the larger container of 7.0 for storage.


@dbrn32 my ph meter said to keep a wet cotton with 4.0 cap


Damn you guys for reading that stuff lol. Out to the garage I go…


@Kcdaniels @dbrn32 hahahaha… all out of likes for a bit. But this is great.


@Kcdaniels @M4ur @skgrower @Myfriendis410

Look at what I found haha.


i’ve been a good boy according to this!


I know you can store it in the 7.0. you have a job so you can buy the storage solution that @M4ur posted. I have to store mine in the calibration fluid.


Ha Ha. I told you so :joy: no distilled water or something else if you care about your money :dollar:


Who said I cared about money? Lol!

Currently testing tap, then calibration, then I’ll retest. My daughter isn’t exactly being cooperative though, standby.


I hear you! Just saying, if you buy a good pH meter definitely you need the storage solution n :wink:


I think it’s a decent one.



that’s a good one,mine has not failed me yet!


Apparently you’re not suppose to store it in distilled water for 9 months lol. This one will not recognize the 4.0 solution.

And is reading 6.1 in 7.0 solution.

Next up, tutorial on changing apera probes haha. If they will sell me one anyway.


I hope you will find the probe and replace it…


well i believe they sell them,for us accident prone people…lol


It’s more or less the best way I learn, or the only way. I’ll have to double check with the ol’ man. I’m sure he’s told me a lot I disregarded, and it cost me something.