Indoor Growing on a Budget Soil/ Soiless Grow Mediums (Not water or Aero)


The title pretty much gets the job done.

Rules of the Topic

This Topic is limited to soil/ soiless growing mediums not including water/ aero.

So what I see is a list of items that get the job done on a budget. We can keep a running list. If something needs to be proven the person bringing the idea to the list can prove it out or multiple members can as well.

Please feel free to provide arguments both for and against. Nothing goes on the list because the dude at the grow shop told you it works… Items that are proven to work will go on the list as proven and other concepts that are not proven or in the process will be on that list.

For now only links to amazon and dealerz. if you find something on another website that you want to share, take a screenshot and share that and an explanation on how to locate it.

Tags. We will tag as needed, but if you want to follow this Topic, please go to the bottom and change the Settings to WATCHING!

I may amend these rules as needed!


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Here you go!


Here and watching, thanks Bob!

I’ll try to add the stuff from other thread when I have some downtime. Working through some stuff for @BIGE currently but he may as be tagged here too lol.


I tagged him here. Feel free to hash stuff out here. Part of the issue is that many of the ideas are unproven and working through them helps everyone to understand that they do or do not work and why!


I’ll be watching :sunglasses:


i’m with ya @bob31,thank you for organizing and herding the flock! lol


@bige I think we agree on ALMOST everything :football:


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Sounds like they want things to go in a different direction. Usually when they fire the AD and the coach that usually means they are going to suck for like 5 years unless they hire a really good coach.


Thanks for getting this going :heart:️:+1: This could be a wide range of mediums to deal with from soil to DWC. From what I’ve seen asked here and elsewhere by many indoor beginners is about which is easiest and most economical?


we will probably have to do separate topics for each. IMO though DWC is an advanced growing technique

I think I will limit this one to soil/ soiless growing mediums not including water.


That’s why I thought I should point that out :wink:. KISS & economy & basics :+1:


Here, watching as well.


Here as well. I am still fairly new to growing in a tent, but have gardened for many years and was a farmer though I mostly raised livestock I did farm wheat, milt, and other dryland grains. Grew some sorghum too but mostly for feed. Nice rice feed for cattle and sheep/goats, etc. But dryland farming is alot different than growing stuff in a tent. for sure.


All out of likes but I’m here and watching as well, I am interested in soilless growing because shipping soil to AK, is twice the price as it is for all y’all. I also have a stream that’s 15ft from the grow shack… even comes with humic/fulvic acids from the muskeg. Haha. (Muskeg is an equivalent to a swamp, but you can CAREFULLY walk on it sort of) @bob31


@Covertgrower Hey guy, I envy you. I always wanted to live in Alaska. Even to go up there is a dream of mine to do some prospecting and fishing. Almost went there about 30 years ago but my wife didnt want to…so went along with her. She hated and still hates cold weather. She is a southern gal so cant blame her. Me, I grew up in cold weather up north, as far north as Montana anyway. I love it, I love the snow, love the mountains, love the forests…love the animals. And here I am on the south coast. Go figger. I love my wife.


So @SmoknGranny tasked me to find a light for a single plant using locally sourced components for $25 or less. I failed, think I came in at around $35 from amazon. But I haven’t given up lol… trolling Home Depot page as I type!


@cyberblast all out of likes, but Alaska is a love hate relationship for me, as I moved here 4 years ago. Michigan has my heart still. Certain things still make me homesick… but being able to hike, without cell service I appreciate. It’s not as cold here in southeast AK. Rainforest country!


we sucked 5 years prior,sooo maybe we have that out of the way? lol
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using a coco/peat promix [such as, but not exclusive to] sunshine#4 promix…
you have total control of nutrients,i’ve found this type of growing very easy!
big bag or cube is around 50$ around here,i buy local on mediums…