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The size doesn’t really matter. Put them outside after a point when nighttime temperatures get too low. I’m not an outdoor grower so I can’t give you the best info on how low is too low. I would guess mid-50s is pushing your luck.

@PurpNGold74 @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 Know outdoor growers we can tag to get this member some solid advice on moving plants outdoors, unacceptable overnight temps, and so on?


Should I keep the solo cups even when under light?


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Thanks for your help!!! who are these people you listed?

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Moderators that are familiar with a lot of the growers here. I don’t follow the grow journals here, so I don’t know who the good outdoor growers are. The moderators will.

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@Big123 is a mad outdoor grower with an active journal right now. Maybe he’ll pop in and have something to say.



Slow down brother. Everything will be ok. Lets get situated…

#1 Have you already purchased the Vs1000?

If so, this is fine for a few plants to get them up to size if moving outdoors.

#2. Slow Growth… you need at least 80°F during this time. Cooler temps will slow your growth on top of slow nutrient uptake through roots because the soil is cool. Cooler soil will also slow the need for watering, but be careful of overwatering it will cause major issues. Make sure you have plenty of drain holes in your solo cups. Drop your lights down a bit maybe 6 inches to a foot above the plant. You dont want to stretch too much. (If you HAVE NOT purchased the VS1000)

#3 when you move outside, are your transplanting into the ground or using pots? What do you plan to use as a medium?

As mentioned above, dont feed… you have the nutes to get you well into veg
Pictures would be nice.


Yes I bought the VS1000
Temp is 78 Degrees
I planned on planting in the ground
Growing plants in a 24"x24"x48" foiled lined box with a cover
Sitting outside right now covered with misted clear solo cup cover
Temp is 80 and sunny right now


Alright, so… bring em in at night, keep your dome misted… turn your VS1000 on its lowest setting aand keep it about 16 inches above the girls. Dont water your soil until it dries out. Keep the dome misted. In the morning take em back outside as kong as the sun is shining.

If it’s warm out other than that keep them under light

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As far as water goes when soil is dry give them only ounces of water?


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Look me up on instagram. Same name. Im in the southern us so i dont share that info

can’t find you

you never answered the amount of water to give the plants when dry

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@DAN7661 check your IG

Using clear solo cup outdoors with 80 degree temperatures and hot sun might lead to some really hot temperatures under those cups. Be careful or you might burn up your plants.

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Hi @DAN7661

I am starting my third outdoor grow. Can you give me a bit of information? I might be able to offer up suggestions of what worked and did not work for me.

What type of planters are you using? Fabric bags, plants, buckets?

How much direct sun does your growing spot get each day (hours)?

How many total hours of daylight per day do you have right now?

What are the average day and night temperatures in your region?

Average humidity?

Are you in a legal State?

Here is a photo of my setup. I have ten planted and two more going outside tomorrow to reach my legal limit of 12. All 12 are different strains.

I put soda bottles (cap off) over the wee ones since we still have chilly nights and we had two hail storms this week.

I am at a mile high in CO. Very dry in the summer and typically a 20 or more degree drop between day and night.

Please reach out if I can help in any way.

Hoppy grows!
Grand🐇 Jane

I am on IG also.


That mural is really cool girl :+1::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Adds a lot of depth too :eyes::green_heart:

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Thx @StonedCold13

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