Indoor growing and Nutrient advice from some of the best


Continuing the discussion from ILGM Autoflowering strains:, people need to see what can be done and the help we all can avail off with nutrients to lights and full grow room indoors growers for sure :v:


I’m late but I will be watching!


@Johnzy81 is the thread you’re looking for?


@dbrn32 yah that’s it do you feel better doing that way rather than just explaining it to me good man well done.


Here is your new thread, friend, let me help you whit forum stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you @M4ur but I’m not going to take up or waste anyone’s time tonight I will ask one off my friends to try and bring me up to date thanks again for the offer it is very much appreciated.


No problem friend, I will post some pictures whit some info, when you will be back maybe you can take a look :wink:


Yah that’s sound @M4ur I just didn’t want to be letting anyone know my business or what I am doing here but il have too I was enjoying my time on this forum but I don’t want to be hijacking anything, :v:️ my friend.


I hope you are not upset and leave me hanging, I still need your help with biobizz nutes when them will arrive, chill brother :+1:. I still want to help you because you helped me with a lot of information.


No worries. I just didn’t want to clog up anyone else’s thread.


Its your thread Bro, do as you like! :wink:


So this is it!
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Then here

Choose summary!
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Then select what do you want to read or where do you want to post (i recommend using this one to update your progress)


I will be back for sure I have a long way to go my friend and its what I want not just for me but also to be able to help others from where I am I’m sick off the medication that people need is being kept from them not anymore.


Good news :wink:… Just ask brother and people will come and help you! So to be safe ask here on the forum not your real friends from your country :wink:, it’s safe to not tell anyone about your business :wink::+1::roll_eyes:


Awh man I just realised that I was actually on the tread I created @M4ur and anyone else that mite be interested I will expand this soon just need a little medication and a deep breath.


You will learn how to use this forum very :soon:, just be patient and enjoy it!


@M4ur here is some more information on Biobizz my friend

that is the whole Organic range and feeding schedule


Ah I will get better picture off those for anyone that can not make them out much not great a photography either @M4ur :joy::joy::joy:


No problem my friend :+1:, I ask them( official biobizz website) for feeding charts and I hope I will get a response from them soon!
Only first picture needs a little more attention, the second one I will rotating her.


@M4ur hopefully this is better.