Indoor grower switching to outdoor grower

High there! (Pun intended). I have had two successful indoor grows, so I consider myself still pretty much a beginner. I am wanting to take what I have learned from my previous grows and take it outdoors. i have a secluded space and am looking grow White Widow Fems from seed, starting indoors in late winter/ early spring, and transplanting after the days start to warm up in my neck of the woods. I am looking to start soil amending and conditioning the outdoor space now so that I will have a great spot for next spring’s transplanting.

My dumb newbie question is this: In an outdoor grow, I expect my plants will be larger than the indoor grows. How much spacing apart should I realistically need to plan for in using Feminized White Widows?

I know lame huh? But, 2 crops in, I am still learning.

Thanks for your responses.

Will you be planting in the ground, or in containers?

What grow zone?
How old will the plants be when you plant them outdoors?

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Looking to transplant into the ground. No containers. Thinking plants will be about a foot or so, watching for roots to show out the bottom of the starter pots. Again, unsure as to how the grow will go. Maybe about a month or so? I don’t know. I will be in USDA zone 7B according to the map.

My thoughts were to plan on spacing at least 4 feet apart. But that was just a guess. I wanted to ask because I don’t want to screw up my yield by crowding them, but I want to make the most of my space.

Are you planning on this now, or next year?

Since you can plant in early May, chances are they would get fairly large by the end of summer. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hit 7+ feet in height.
I’d put at least 6’ between them. More if you have it.

Definitely next year. I am way too far gone in the season for an outdoor grow at this point. Cold weather would hit before enough time for harvest. I’m just gearing up for the upcoming year. Thank you for your input.

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More space is better. If you’ve got the room 4+ feet. If not, you can plant them closer just expect them to crowd one another. I plant 3 feet apart with 4 feet between rows and I still have problems getting between the plants. More space is better.

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Probably going to opt for 5 feet spacing. It would allow for the number of plants I want and the best use of the available space. No sense in crowding, but also not letting viable space go to waste. Thanks for the replies!

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I try to never let adjoining plants touch each other.

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