Indoor/grow tent

Is it ok to leave my grow tent door open its a homemade tent 4×4×6 . The plants are still seedlings also.

Depends on if you want to or not, is it visible to others

It is not it’s in a bedroom all by itself

I suppose It wouldn’t hurt but some thing to consider are you doing it for temp or humidity reasons?

Temperature, I had to shut down for a few days due to putting the wrong plastic on my tent

Yes if you want to open you can, have you added a fan at all? And what kind of plastic were you using, was it to try to help reflect light?

The tent had clear plastic the kind they use to protect the floors. I just didn’t like that all that light was escaping so I went and got the right stuff in black ,this is my first grow like this I’ve always used one light and a bucket. I have one 20"fan and one of those fans that I can adjust the height and rotates and an a/c one of those ones that u vent out the window.

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Have you looked into mylar? With all the wind it may help add more light without adding another fixture

I’ve added that stuff that looks like bubble wrap but has a shine to it ,it may be that forgive my memory. Lol

Lol, the reflective mylar doesn’t look like bubble wrap, but it does brighten the room quite a bit.

This stuff is like a car window tint, it will shine a little light through, but it will dull it out quite a bit, that is when its closed of course, and if it’s open it will be hella bright so maybe keep it cracked

I know just what you mean ! (It’s not mylar)

I used that stuff back in the eighties I don’t know the name of it either LOL

picture the small bubble wrap wedged in between two sheets of aluminum foil is about the best I can describe it ? It’s used as an insulation

I’m assuming it’s fairly reflective but I don’t know that either

Yes some kinda insulation, with the reflective on the back, I think Styrofoam insulation, but it only reflects 50-60% light as apposed to reflective mylar which reflects 80-90% of light

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Bubble foil isulation that’s the name of it