Indoor grow tent advice néeded

Hi folks.

Im planning on buying a full tent grow systen here in the next couple of weeks. I want to be able to turn around good quality.

Can you do all three stages of growth in one tent? If so, is there anything to know about special lighting for seedlings or clones? Do i need seperate grow area and lights?

How big should i buy for a grow tent for say 4 plants with possibly room for more?

Do all tents fit any size exhaust fan and if not do i need to consider that when purchasing?

I want to use led lights and am confused as which to buy for all my needs. I dont know the quality brands and new tech that might be worth investing in. I see these 300w mars hydro lights for good prices. Are these any good? My goal is to give the plants exactly what will make them grow the best.

If this my first grow and im planning on going all out where necessary for quality, how many plants should i start with and should i prepare for cloning on my first go? I have a good idea of what to do but concerned about large fails but also want to not lose time and loot not taking adv of what i might be able to do.

I got way too many questions.

How important is.a par meter when setting up a led light and is there anything cheaper or another measurement that can be used?

I believe a guide to purchasing everything for the grow would be helpful along with some light advice and size of my space.

Looking to be successful!

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Welcome to ILGM @Robmin1973

Yes you can do it all in one tent all with the same light.

The bigger the tent, the more expensive the lights. And the lights ARE the biggest expense.
For four plants and possibly more, you would want a 4x4 tent, possibly a 5x5. I just bought a light for a 5x5 and it was $750, just to give you a idea. But it is a top shelf light.

You would want a 6" exhaust fan and filter for a 4x4. 3x3 or smaller is fine with a 4" fan.

Light choice has more to do on how much your willing to spend, what size tent your go with, and how serious you are about growing huge buds.

As far as how many plants, you have to realize something right up front. Growing these plants takes a lot of work to do it right. Its not just throwing seeds in some dirt and watering them every few days. The more plants, the more work. I would suggest starting with two and learning for your first grow. A 3x3 tent and a $300 400 watt light is perfect for that. You might want to start with Auto Flowering plants. Seed to harvest in around 100 days or less.

You wont need a par meter.

Here is a link to my first grow last year, with all the equipment I started with, and how much I spent to get started. My entire first grow is in there from start to harvest.

Hope this helps.


@Robmin1973 your sorted with @Rugar89 advice right there so jump in a get going man keep the updates coming and like always if you have a question or need any help you will find it right here my friend :v:

I appreaciate the advice ill read through the start list. Ill be back with more questions. Prob go with the 5x5 tent. Do i need to chk the tents to see if they fit a 6in fan?

Im looking at a secret jardin grow tent, anyone had any xp with those or can recommend one that is made well.

@Robmin1973 where ever you buy your tent they will have all off the specifications detailed with it so that will answer all off the exhaust and intake sizes, there are some more tools that you will need most of important is possible the PH meter very important for taken readings and making sure that your medium and feedings are all in range I would also advise that you pick you the temperature and humidity meters to put up in your tent these are very cheap but necessary for these readings and a PPM meter some are not expensive and do a good job also try also to think about transplanting and pot size I would recommend fabric pots which help with drainage and irritation @Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower @Hogmaster and so many more will definitely help you out for sure and your first time 2 would definitely be enough also maybe @bob31 could help you out :v:️:v:️

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I have no experience with that brand, I only have a no name tent from amazon. I think for the most part they’re all the same material. @Robmin1973

Yiull get out cheaper probably if you buy seperately. I bought a _" all ready to go" tent & paid more & didnt have everything i needed. Ive grown 6 plants but 4 works best in my 4x4x72

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If cost is not any issue, I wouldn’t go any smaller than a 4x4, however, 2x4 tents are simple and easy to work out of…

I have a 5x5 and a 2x4

I do plan on paying for quality. Does a dimmer on a led light work better than flopping a switch? I was reading through the grow journals and it seems like some of the more powerful lights are beating up the small plants. I it cud be other things but my real concern is moving thw light around compared to turning a nob.

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