Indoor grow questions

Hello everyone,
I’m new to group and growing. I’m up to the flowering stage with my plants I’ve been reading through some of the posts and looking at everyone’s pics my question is what is the netting for over the plants ? I’m currently growing AK-47 indoors with vent and LED lights in a tent
I think everything is going good so far just want to know if there is anything that I’m doing wrong or should be doing


They look healthy except can’t really tell with the grow lights on, purple not good :frowning: and sorry I never used nets can’t help. Keep up the good work man :+1:

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I believe you are referring to a scrog net, they are used to hold down stems, even out growth spacing, and help with overall plant height uniformity.


That is Scrog you are talking about. You can use PVC to make a cage and attach the net to it. Its pretty easy to do.


Ok thanks , I was using pipe cleaners to hold branches and guide them so the other branches could receive light and catch up


There are dozens of different ways, use what’s best for you with what you have available!


Classic Low Stress Training technique. :+1: LST is how I grow, never used a scrog.


I used electrical wire individual strands to pull mine down, all my plants are done that way (LST)

They look great I’m using blurple lights too take them out of the tent and take some pics in natural light so we can see what they really look like!

And welcome to the forum!

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Thanks! I used long pipe cleaners to pull them down so all the branches can get even lighting I’m starting to get little buds now Very excited!!

Yes it is exciting haha I’m on my first grow as well!

Here’s a link to my journal so far

Mikedin’s grow journal

@Buds_420 I don’t think you really got the answer you were looking for. The net is used to tie the plant down and encourage sideways growth. This can literally double the amount of bud sights.

I grew my first 2 years with no net in soil and my best yield was 4 zips. Started using the net and usually got at least 8…now 12-16oz. in hydro with photos


Thanks ! I thought it might have something to do with that. I have been tying my branches down so the smaller ones can get more light and catch up and seems to be working I’ve got a lot more branches with buds now I will try that on my next grow I’ve kept it really simple I have a tent some LED lights exhaust fan for smell a fan to move air around and a humidifier. I used fox farm soil no extra nutrients ( I read that some autos don’t like extra nutrients) so I will try the nets on my next grow and if there is any other advice or products I should try please feel free I appreciate all and any advice. I will be doing autos again I still have some seeds in storage my tent is small only room for 2 plants Thanks again!!


Do you talking about scrog net? It can help your plant’s height uniformity. And looking forword for your grow! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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I have another question my plants are doing lovely my Tri combs are just starting to turn from clear to milky do I wait for the tips of Tri combs to start to change to that amber/golden brown ? The strain is a auto flower

Thanks for your help

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I personally chop at 20-30% amber for THC strains

20-30% of the buds or the actual Tri comb.
Sorry if it seems like a stupid question but I’m totally new and this is my 1st plant

20-30% amber trichomes on the buds…not the fan leaves. They turn amber much earlier. Your plants have a way to go. When the pistils (hairs) have turned mostly red…you’ll be close.


Ok thanks for your help!


Yep I’m with @OldSkunk wait until all the pistols turn orange, then your close :smiley: like he said tricomes on bud parts with hairs start to turn amber you are at peak thc. The more amber the more couch lock, I prefer about 10% amber. The tricomes start out crystal clear, then they go cloudy, then amber, but don’t look at the tricomes on the sugar leaf, they turn amber faster than the ones on the bud. Looking great in your tent,happy growing man

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An added bonus of a trellis besides light penetration is the added support it gives youre flowers especially if theyre heavy yielders. Good luck growmie.