Indoor grow-- Nutes or only water right now?

Whats up guys! I have another question for the community :slight_smile:

I have 5 auto flowers that have already sprouted from there medium.

Am i able to use nutes already for this first week or is it too soon?

The soil I am using for these is 1 Pot has only Happy Frog Fox Farm Soil and the other 4 have RECIPE 420 HY-POR POTTING SOIL.

From my understanding these soils should be capable to carry a seedling for up to three weeks with out nutrients. and instead only water the plants when needed?

What are your experiences with Autos and waht would you recommend.

I appreciate any feedback and Thank you ALL :slight_smile:

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Happy Frog will definitely keep them happy for a couple weeks at least. I’m not familiar with the other one. Watch the cotyledons. If they start yellowing the plant needs more than it’s getting out of the soil.

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Thank you! I will keep a close eye on them to see how they are doing before i give them some nutes

I am a little confused by this. Cotyledon leaves are part of the plants embryo and when they first emerge provide early photosynthesis and nourishment to the seedling. Once roots are more established and true leaves develop the cotyledon leaves yellow and die off naturally after a few days.


Not always. @CoyoteCody has a girl that’s good size and still has dark green cotyledons. Cotyledons are the first thing to be consumed by the plant when they need more nutrients. Mine usually keep their cotyledons for a couple weeks.

Cody grows in Coco. I grow in ProMix. So we’re adding nutrients way early and using them all the way through.

I should have added that they will probably fall off eventually anyway, but by that point there should be enough growth that nutrient issues are more straight forward.


I don’t have any great examples right now because my oldest seedlings are only 6 and 7 days, but their cotyledons are still a rich green and will stay on there a while longer.

Thanks - interesting. I’ll pay closer attention to them. Once first or second set of leaves grow it always seems like cotyledons just die off. I use purple cow seed starter. It is peat, perlite, vermiculite and compost.

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This one?

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That’s her! :slightly_smiling_face: Pretty girl still hangin on to those pretty little green cotys.

I will have to see if they are still that green this photo is a few days old. I’ll tag you tonight if they are.

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