Indoor Grow Noob

Well, actually Latewood said that, but I say pretty much the same exact thing, lol.


Haha my bad Mac, and Latewood! But thanks for the info as always!

I would say, maybe 3 transplants. The first from a very small seedling container/germination plug into the one gallon container, and then into the final 3 gallon container.



Water from a dehumidifier is essentially RO water and works great for watering. Not sure about snow but I can’t see where it would be a problem. Hope that helps. Jerry

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If you do use water from the dehumidifier add some hydrogen peroxide to ensure no bacteria is in it.

where ever you get it, make sure you ph it first before useing or you’ll be worried about something else other than water.



Is there such thing as pink cannabis?
If so can I get a strain name.

My first and only guess would be Panama Red. If you want to read up on the strain. I could PM you the link.


They have a pink kush as well just gotta find the link to it again it’s been a few months since I’ve seen it

Now that would be interresting to say the least.


Yea no kidding I wanna grow it be right back gunna go find the link

Link to pink kush right here

Another pink kush link first link looks way better

You think the links are long enough…lol


Lmao no I can make them longer haha :wink:

Thanks! This is really helpful.
I also, heard that the last two days before harvest is to leave the lights off. Thus, accumulating more trichomes. Is this true

I don’t know how most people do it but I do the last 18-24 hours in the dark. And yes its true

If I manifold the plant, can I then later in the plants life Top/Fim?

I’m pretty sure you can

That is discussed on you-tube in several places. Just search Mainlining and you will find it. I think the best is by Nugbuckets but there are several that are good. Just like at this site, I like to look at several ways before deciding on what to do. Hope that helps. Jerry

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